Latest Update: 09/01/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- All scenery elements are now correctly aligned with the ground layout

- New custom files for World Traffic v3 and updated files for X-Life v2.0 support

- LAHSO lights now stay on during the day and pulsate at the FAA-designated rate (1.72s ON, 0.46s OFF)

- Added missing MALSR approach lighting on Runway 31R

- Added missing taxiway centerline + edge lights and intermediate hold short markings on the aircraft overpasses

- Added missing apron lights on the underside of the Skylink tracks

- Added AutoGate marshallers to eligible gates/stands with no A-VDGS

- Added missing night lighting on the Skylink cars and tracks

- Added missing jet blast deflectors throughout the airport

- Added the three missing ramp towers

- Added the two missing radar towers with animated spinning dishes

- Added the missing American flag and American Airlines plaque at the Terminal A-C Connector

- Added the missing Maverick VOR/DME structure

- Added missing parking sheds north of Terminal E

- Added missing fuel tanks at well drilling sites throughout the airport

- Added wind-dependent ATC traffic flows to runways and one-way directionality to parallel taxi routes

- Added the service roads that run parallel to International Pkwy

- Fixed streetlights protruding through the aircraft overpasses

- Fixed passenger Skylink track pillars protruding through PBBs and GSE

- Fixed visual artifacts on the aircraft overpasses

- Fixed default AI aircraft not using the airport

- Fixed color of high-pressure sodium apron lights and added an individual 'billboard' for each lamp housing

- Fixed PBBs not connected to the Terminal B Stinger

- Fixed position of RIDS displays for Gates B1-B3

- Fixed flickering parts of the Skylink tracks

- Fixed visible seams between orthoimagery tiles

- Fixed sky visibility through translucent windows

- Fixed missing interior wall sections of Terminals A-C & E

- Fixed flickering interior wall sections of Terminal D

- Reduced the probability of incorrect airlines at Terminals D & E when using the MisterX static aircraft library

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