Latest Update: 2023/02/03

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added XP12 support (i.e. compatibility-patch for XP 12.01r3)

- Hot-fixes i.a. broken animations (caused CTD) and vegetation

v2.1 - 09/05/2019 

- added some previously missing power-line-segments (on land)

- added (over-water) power-line-segments between the islands

- placed dozens of additional church- and lighthouse-objects

- fixed the sea traffic network to avoid floating boats/ships


- Tree plantations and other sparse 3D vegetation all over the islands - with seasonal variations

- Extended Autogen: Residential buildings with parkings spots and gardens - with lots of tiny details

- More urban look for larger towns - by adding commercial and industrial buildings, and apartment blocks

- More generic objects: gas stations, bus stops, football pitches with night lighting, parking places and more

- Some unique Landmarks to explore, and in addition lots of generic renditions of Churches and Lighthouses

- Piers and Harbors populated with custom objects like cranes, containers, moored boats and ships

- Dynamic Marine Traffic: cargo vessels, cruise ferry, various fishing-, sail- and other boats

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