Latest Update: 11/07/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

P3D V4 compatibility:
Dynamic Lighting
Custom Lead-In-Lights P3Dv4SDK designed
Runway lights can be switched on during day and according to weather


LPMA Afcad optimized, handles AI-Traffic with curved approach to Runway 05,

RNAV Approaches added based on actual Navdata to be used with GPS and ATC,

Completely redone runway lights for LPMA, 

ICAO confirmed edge and center line colors ,

Lead-in light flashes have now correct positions,

Intensity of lights optimized to prevent "glow" effect,

Visibility of PAPI optimized,

Apron and Landside vehicle traffic added (AESlite Traffic),

3D Lights added to Madeira and Porto Santo Islands,

Performance optimized,

Crash detection error removed.


Afcad adjustments (FSX and P3D),

Papi lights appear as square from fare (FSX),

3D grass added (FSX),

Taxiway centerline lights fixed (FSX),

New taxiway markings added to match current airport state (FSX and P3D),

Airport name changed (Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport),

New airport logo added (FSX and P3D),

Porto Santo windmils added.

Slope wall resolution adjusted (FSX and P3D),

Runway lights red type added at runway endings (FSX and P3D).


Fixed coastline problems


Fixed mesh and coastline problems in Porto Santo,

Added boats/ships in the bay,

Car traffic fixed (FSX),

Ilhas Desertas mesh and landclass corrected,

VOR fixed in P3D,

Material specular removed on terrain (FSX),

Fixed lights visibility during day/night transition (FSX),

PAPI visibility slightly improved.

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