Latest Update: 05/11/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed Broken SAM Library fallback

v1.1 - 16/11/2016

- There is no need for the special mesh shipped with version 1.0x. This means that the orthophoto packs (zonephoto, g2xpl, etc) work on this airport! Moreover, no other aiport is affected by the 1ox1o tile of Manchester Airport!

- Ambient Airport Sounds. While outside of Manchester Airport you will hear ambient airport sounds!

- The airport has been upgrade to X-Plane 10.5 standards, with all the gates correctly marked with their respective aircraft sizes.

- Accurate ATC/TAXI flows, specially the designated A380 taxiways.

- Optimization for better performance.

- We've shipped a replacement dsf file to help mid-to-low end machines. This removes the 3D cars that already exist as part of the orthophotos.

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