Latest Update: 2024/03/13

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- IMPORTANT. If you are going to install Midland Main Line: Buxton & Peak Forest Extension, you MUST install Midland main Line: Hope Valley extension BEFORE you install Midland Main Line: Buxton & Peak Forest Extension to ensure the correct displaying of both of these routes.

- Updated route foliage that was fouling the track after the new VP Trees / Bushes were swapped in.

v1.01 - 2022/10/20

- Fixed signalling between Ashburys and New Mills Central

- Fixed Rough points on the slow lines at Longsight

- Theatre boxes at Piccadilly now show correct numbers

- Fixed passengers going over the track at Stockport platform 0 and New Mills stations

- Optimised areas between Stockport and Manchester Piccadilly for better performance

- Fixed signalling between Ashburys and New Mills Central

- Fixed winter texture issues throughout route

- Fixed stations not appearing for users running on lower graphics settings

- Following scenarios addressed:

- Scenario [HV] [SD] [EVL] [DNL] 6M55 14:21 Trowse Yard Redland Siding - Tunstead Sidings:  Fixed several missing destination blinds on AI services, also added the maximum permitted speed to the F1 Briefing for player train.

- Scenario [HV] 0H08 07:26 Earles Sidings - Bredbury R.T.S: Fixed AI service 2S72 which was stationary. Fixed AI service 2S04 which had its end task set to a wrong portal. This also was holding up the player train when it was not needed.

- Scenario [HV] Hope Cement Transfer: Updated to simplify tasks to help the user run through the scenario.

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