Latest Update: 2022/07/12

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed pathing on Quick Drive: Bristol to Plymouth

v1.10 - 2022/06/28

- Fix made to Plymouth Free Roam where there was a broken consist error upon loading up

v1.09 - 2021/01/13

- Fixes a Quick Drive issue for Exeter to Paignton which now allows pathing into Dawlish Warren Platform 1.

v1.08 - 2020/01/02

- This update fixes is for the Western Mainline – South Devon add-on route “SDML (Default) Steam tour to the West” where you had to fill the tender with water but tender was already full which meant you could not add water and so the scenario task would fail. We have reduced the water level to now allow that task to be completed successfully.

v1.01 - 2018/02/21

- Floating passengers at Newton Abbot.

- Fix to scenario Long Haul South.

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