Just Trains - Western Mainlines South Devon Main Line Extension

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Western Mainlines South Devon Mainline Extension Changelog
Latest Update: 2022/07/12 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v1.11 - Fixed pathing on Quick Drive: Bristol to Plymouth ...
Tue, 12 Jul, 2022 at 3:51 PM


I See That There Are Two Versions Of South Devon Mainline – What’s The Difference?
One is a stand-alone route that only needs Train Simulator 2017 to run; the other is an add-on for the Just Trains Western Mainlines route. The Western Main...
I Already Own Western Mainlines – Which Version Of South Devon Mainline Should I Purchase?
If you want South Devon Main Line to be an extension of Western Mainlines, you need the Western Mainlines South Devon Main Line Extension version.
Which Order Do I Need To Install The Addons For Western Mainlines
It is import to have the latest version of Western Mainlines before installing any of the addon routes
Do I Need Western Mainlines To Be Able To Run South Devon Mainline?
Not if you want it as a separate route in Train Simulator 2017. If you purchase the stand-alone version of South Devon Main lines then you only need Train S...
I Purchased The Stand-Alone Version Of South Devon Mainline And Now I Want To Purchase Western Mainlines
For technical reasons this is not possible. If you purchase Western Mainlines and you want to add South Devon Main Line to it, you will need to purchase the...