Latest Update: 13/05/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fix to (WML) BR 1A16 Penzance to Paddington Scenario

v1.17 - 13/05/2020

- This update removes the two following scenarios that were included in error:

  • (VP55): “The Mazy Day Cornishman
  • (VP55): “The Mazy Day Cornishman 2


- Route updated for compatibility for Cornish Main Line ADD-ON for Western Mainline update of 10th May 2019.

- Moved errant lamppost at Hanwell.

- Numerous minor miscellaneous changes.

- Scenario fixed:

  • First service to Severn Beach. Added missing scenario marker to enable pathing of player train.

Please note that, as with any route update, this Western Mainlines update could affect some scenarios which were not created by Just Trains.



Made compatible for Just Trains Cornish Main Line add-on route.

- Added invisible platform to Bristol Temple Meads

- Adjusted invisible platforms at various stations including Bristol Temple Meads, Newport and Exeter St Davids

- Numerous miscellaneous adjustments to track, scenery and platforms

- Between Paddington and Bristol some background scenery items that were not visible from the tracks have been removed to help improve frame rates

- 3D trees have been swapped with 2D trees around several stations to help improve frame rates

Please note that, as with any route update, this Western Mainlines update could affect some scenarios which were not created by Just Trains.


- Compatible with Paignton Extension for Western Mainlines

- Minor bug fixes

If you installed service pack 4 prior to 10pm Thursday 24th March and you are experiencing issues with missing objects and stations. We advise that you uninstall your existing version and then reinstall the software again as that will solve the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.

- This version of Western Mainlines is required to be installed to allow the South Devon Main Line Western Mainlines Extension to work.

- Work in the Paddington Station area to help improve frame rates.

- Signal removed at Newport that was located in track area.

- Platform marker placed and extended at Newport station.

- Miscellaneous improvements to the route and scenarios in general.

- Replacement of lofts to dedicated London Underground track

- Roads changed from Kuju to Just Trains custom.

- Just Trains custom track textures improved.

- Just Trains custom track ballast textures employed.

- London Underground tracks electrified.

- London Underground S8 stock Ai (for artificial Intelligence use) included. Can be user driven. Has head/tail lights, sounds and whistle but has no cab, interior or animations.


- Fixed error with track going into platform Hayes and Harlington.

- Fixed signal not clearing issues around Cardiff and Reading.

- Fixed signal not showing number on approach to Paddington.

- Fixed issue where Electric trains were unable to route into platform 11 & 12 at Paddington.

- Fixed signal issue at Tilehurst.

- Bristol Temple Meads platform 9 adjusted slightly to allow wider boundary boxes to pass cleanly

- Track direction at Exeter adjusted

- Track direction at Cardiff adjusted 


- IMPORTANT – This version is required to be installed to allow installation and operation of the Western Mainlines  Oxford – Bicester extension.

- Certain Signal gantries level of detail adjusted for those using lower scenery detail settings.

- Gantry clipping trains at Hayes & Harlington corrected.

- A Quick Drive issue addressed.

- Minor scenery updates from feedback.

- These scenarios have received attention to stop encountered issues:

- (JT) Class 153 – Cardiff to Exeter.

- (JT) Class 67 – Cardiff Rugby special.

- New, bonus scenario included:

  • BR B1A16 Penzance to Paddington
  • Drive from Exeter a BR era Class 50 on the eastbound relief 1A16 Penzance to Paddington service, stopping at intermediate stations.
  • Weather: summer, clear
  • Duration 180 minutes


- Signals adjusted to allow correct operation for multiple trains.

- Cardiff signalling remade and extended to allow complex AI movements.

- Trees adjusted across route to allow for increased Frame rates (FPS)

- All scenarios adjusted to allow for completion.

- Many new portals added.

- New markers placed UP/Down Directionality added where required.

- Stations adjusted to appear on lowest scenery settings.

- Adjustment to track layout and gradient changes

- New Scenario added: “(JT) Class 153 – Cardiff to Exeter” that requires the following items:

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