Latest Update: 2023/09/01

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


For the F-22A is a major update to the model incorporating a variety of new features, visual model improvements, updated visual effects, livery updates, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. The list below covers most of the significant changes that will be included, but is not exhaustive of all changes included, e.g., very minor fixes to the 3d model and avionics. 


Visual model and artwork changes:

 - Added 20 new liveries (current, historical, and fictional) and representative pilot shoulder patches for all liveries

  1. F-22A 7th FS 'Screamin Demons' Holloman Clean & Weathered
  2. F-22A #045 19th FS 'Fighting Game Cocks' Hickam Clean & Weathered
  3. F-22A 27th FS 'Fightin Eagles' Langley Clean & Weathered
  4. F-22A 43rd FS 'Hornets' Tyndall Clean & Weathered
  5. F-22A 90th FS 'Pair-O-Dice' Elmendorf Clean & Weathered
  6. F-22A 95th FS 'Boneheads' Tyndall Clean & Weathered
  7. F-22A 149th FS VA ANG Flagship 'Cripes A Mighty' Langley
  8. F-22A 199th FS HI ANG 'Mytai Fighters' Hickam Clean & Weathered
  9. F-22A 422nd TES 'Green Bats' Nellis, Chrome Raptor
  10. F-22A 433rd Weapons School 'Satans Angels' Nellis
  11. F-22A 525th FS 'Bulldogs' Elmendorf, 'Last Raptor' Green Primer
  12. F-22A 'Spirit of America', Raptor Rollout Colors
  13. F-22A Raptor USAF Thunderbirds, Tribute to Maj. Gen. Dawn Dunlop

- Added countermeasure doors (flares / chaff) and door animations

- Canopy open / close animation revised for more accuracy

- Added and animated support rods for main weapon bay doors

- Improved upper weapon bay door modeling and animations

- Revised nose gear extend / retract animations

- Corrections to boarding ladder mesh and texture

- Created animations for red safety switch covers and switches (basic animations implemented - switches are still inop)

- Fixed ambient occlusion problems on: seat cushion, main gear doors, horizontal stabilizers, main gear bay, main weapon bay machinery, tail hook, and nozzles

- New textures for tailhook bay and doors interior

- Restored missing parts in main gear bays

- Minor revisions to main gear animation sequence

- Repositioned mesh texture inside inlet to more accurate location

- Adjusted position / rotation of intake plugs (fill gaps)

- Revised/Refined LOD1 through LOD3 (stray poly on exterior LOD3, landing gear visibility draw distance, cockpit draw distance, pilot draw distance, inlet textures)


Flight Dynamics Modeling and Aircraft Systems:

- Tailhook now functions to trap wires on aircraft carriers (tested with JayShrike carrier package)

- AAR Switch triggers aerial refueling (onboards fuel at 1100 gpm when aircraft within specific flight parameters)

- Added emergency gear extension system (for power off / dead stick situations) using emergency gear extension toggle

- Created Drop Tank and pylon jettison animation and logic (triggered by jettison button)

- Updated and refined flight model - loaded rolls far more easy to perform.

- Shifted model (cockpit, exterior, and pilot) longitudinal position rearward to center the camera eyepoint and for reduced ground “skid” when taxiing.



- FLIR-like synthetic vision feature added to PFD

- Adjusted mach overspeed caution from 1.9M to 2.0M

- Updated Caged HUD Mode to be closer inline with 1787B (significantly improving usability)

- Revised HUD Heading Tape: Vertical bar = Magnetic Heading; Inverted T = Magnetic Ground Track; Chevron = Autopilot Commanded Heading

- Added Ejection seat disarmed annunciator warning (also set default arming switch position to disarmed when cold and dark)

- Added speedbrake indicator on HUD FPM

- Added Zenith / Nadir markers to HUD

- Add countermeasure doors animation button selector on STA page

- Added ARMED and SAFE indications in HUD when the master arm switch is in arm or safe position.

QOL Changes:

- Reprogrammed FBW module to operate correctly with keyboards and removed NON-FBW model from the package

- Pilot figure visibility condition changed: not visible for static aircraft, visible for multiplayer aircraft when engine N1 rpm >= 2%

- Multiplayer visible formation light lighting; self lighting setting determines display on other aircraft for better visibility during multiplayer formations

- Revised / corrected tooltip labels on a few switches in the cockpit.

- Added several new cameras, and corrected or adjusted cameras


Dynamic Visual Effects:

- Revised and added wing vapor, body vapor, and vortex effects including blending and fading action.


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed large memory leak and greatly improved wasm performance

- Resolved bug affecting stability at very low or very high frame rates and when using different simulation rates

- Fixed speed brakes deploy when cold & dark

- Significantly improved Flight Path Marker behavior in uncaged HUD mode for accuracy and usability.

- Re-Programmed HUD G Meter to be less “twitchy” and to smooth out reported values

- Resolved issue with Flight Path Marker causing it to be inaccurate in high winds and at a large bank angle

- Leading Edge Flaps upward extension limit correction (-5 degrees) and animation correction

- Closed gaps in nozzle animations to eliminate AB VFX bleedthrough

- Fixed main gear outer door piston clipping during gear animation

v1.1.9 - 2023/04/26

- Moving Map Display(MMD) performance improvements
- MMD color palette changes for improved visual contrast and appeal
- MMD now limited to one SMFD screen at a time
- Added Multiple LOD's (level of detail models) to both exterior and interior models
- Lowered unnecessarily high texture resolutions
- Minor flight Model and Fly-By-Wire system adjustments for improved handling
- Added a configuration variable to improve ground handling in crosswinds (edited)

- Revised Nav radio selection priority in ICP for ease of use.

v1.1.8 - 2022/12/20

3D Model, Animations, and Art Changes:

-Added two additional texture sets with modestly weathered/patched exterior textures for 525th and 19th squadrons.

-Added some slight wear and weathering effects to console areas of cockpit.

-Corrected location of command insignia's on vertical stabilizers for all three liveries.

-Reduced ICP size and moved position forward to reduce visual obstruction of TMFDs and PFD.

-Added detail / texture for HUD reflector.

-Updated auxiliary console knob 3d models and textures.

-Moved several aircraft animations from wasm module to XML for performance improvements.

-Rudders now in neutral position when cold and dark.

-Ailerons deploy up when Cruise Speed Braking.

-Speed brake deflection now scales with speed.

-Corrected normal map on upper fuselage to improve rib / spar visibility. 

-Arm Rest Animation enabled.

-Added / updated animation for canopy open / close switch.

-Flaperons animation added when aircraft at low speeds and high AoA. 

Avionics Changes:

-25kHz COM Channel Spacing. Will need documentation update: When selecting a COM frequency, you can enter either 5 or 6 digit numbers to get to the frequency you need.  E.g. 12775 or 127725.

-HUD Glide Slope Indicator Added.

-Fixed flickering "Airspeed" HUD Alert.

-Updated synoptics page to reflect XML animation updates.

-Bug Fix: NAV IDENT String Was Too Long causing Avionics to Crash when navigating to NAV1 or NAV2 pages on ICP.

-Moved Nav frequency change selection to first page for ease of access. 

-Improved lateral course seeking and hold capability when using autopilot for precision approaches or RNAV approaches. 

Flight Model Changes:

-aileron control deadzone increased to 25% when aoa greater than 45 degrees when pulling into high positive AoA envelope.

-Aileron user control deadzone increased to 20% when AoA less than 0 degrees to reduce unintended spin behavior when pushing into negative AoA envelope.

-Reduced aileron drag on roll.

-Eliminated pitch oscillation / buzz at 400 knots.

-Improved pitch responses at higher airspeeds

-Improved pitch responses at high altitudes and low airspeeds

-Smoothed transition between g-rate and pitch controller (transition to "thrust vector" flight regime) at high altitudes

-Reduced game induced pitch oscillation at higher airspeeds and max G

-Eliminated pitch oscillations at low altitudes and approx. 400 KIAS

-Reduced induced drag by 4.5% (edited)

-Moved vertical stabilizer position aft to improve high alpha roll performance.

-Increased lateral_cx value to improve knife edge maneuver capability and lateral stability.

-Improvements to roll controller behavior for NOFBW to improve handling and high altitude oscillation reductions.

Lighting / Systems Changes:

-Reduced intensity and other parameters of key user controlled lighting elements after SU10 game lighting system changes.

-Cleared always on emissive from HUD reflector Lens.

-Revised HUD reflector lighting effect.

-Moved HUD reflector ambient light to prevent bleed through.

Quality of Life Changes:

-Updated default camera eyepoint position to adjust for revised ICP geometry.

-SU11 localization bug fix addressed.

-VR - improved compatibility with latest game VR controllers configuration. 

v1.1.7 - 2022/08/18

-Avionics divide by zero catch added to avionics module: fixes flaperons pop up issue and may help resolve blank screens experienced by some customers on flight session startup

-Fixed Canopy rhythmic opening bug when viewing in MP

-Rudder pedal animations were reversed - fixed

-Reverse control stick animation when above 45 alpha to match user input 

-Add Mach meter to chase cam hud

-Add throttle lever % in chase cam hud

-Some improvements to crosswind handling while preserving high alpha maneuvering capability.

-Improved pitch response and control at near zero airspeeds with alpha approaching 90 degrees

-MENU button now remains in the same position throughout the SMFD menus for ease of use.

-Changed "RDR RNG" (radar range rings) MMD Config Item to "BLK ZNE" (Radar block zone) in both PMFD and SMFD (was incorrectly named previously)

-Default PFD / SMFD - terrain display off by default and block zone arrow on when aircraft is first installed

-Move PMFD menu options / page selection to bottom to avoid ICP module visual obstruction

-Enable Hide / Show Drop Tanks within flight session using Sim menu in PFD

-Hide ladder display on AI aircraft

-Lock flight controls when on ground (with no a/c movement) when a/c cold and dark and RBF tags removed. 

-Canopy, aar door, and tail hook no longer operable when all systems are off

-Chocks/tags/ladder disappear on APU start (or on quick start selection from engine controls menu).

-Add alerts to CAS alerting system:

            *Tailhook down

            *Parking brake caution when on ground and throttle above 50%

-Transponder now on by default

-Improved pitch responsiveness at low and intermediate speeds

-Reduced nose yaw wandering behavior at very high alpha and low airspeeds

-Reduced G-buffeting effect at high G loads

-Reduced wheel skidding effect on ground

-Eliminated harsh transition “bump” between pre and post stall at approx. 20 degrees aoa.

-Adjusted Nav_YawPID values in ai.cfg to prevent rolling oscillations and heading hold issues at high speeds and high altitudes

-Slightly reduced induced drag for small improvement to long range cruise performance and high altitude turning performance.

-Updated thumbnails for liveries

-Chocks/tags/ladder (ground equipment) hidden on APU start or on engine quick start selection. Saves clicking through all the menus

-Engine overspeed warning adjusted to avoid overspeed warning during normal operations.

-Flight Path Marker (FPM) accurately accounts for ambient winds

-HUD and FPM locked / caged below 50 KCAS on ground.

-Aux ACP cockpit switch disables Autothrottle - bug fix

-VR Bug: Fix problem of unable to interact with buttons on ICP with various head positions. 

-VR Bug: Added PilotVR camera definition to cameras.cfg to prevent default VR view override and reset issues.

-Correct dark color boundary texture problem on inner main weapon bay doors.

-Fixed AO / polygon clipping issue on left canopy rim

-Added some blue cable clips / tie downs in main weapon bays

-Aim9X Albedo color correction (non-MP version)

-Fixed texture on forward portion of outer canopy rim

-Fixed AO texture problem on rear underside main weapons bay door seal

-Improved cockpit floor texture

-Created method to hide weapons and weapon references for Marketplace edition.

v1.1.5 - 2022/07/28

- This hotfix eliminates the controls lock-up issue (which requires a sim restart to correct) as well as problems which some users have experienced with MFD and PFD screens occasionally loading blank when entering a session (requiring restart of the flight).

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