Latest Update: 2023/06/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed N714WH having no ATC ID

- Minor code fixes

v1.3.3 - 2023/03/01 

- Modified contact points to fix screeching sounds on taildragger

v1.3.2 - 2022/08/08

-Fixed INOP buttons on GTN750 from last update 

-Fixed protruding flap actuators -Fixed still propeller blades showing in far LODs 

-Fixed fluttering animation not playing on all surfaces 

-Modified cockpit.cfg to indicate correct values

v1.3.0 2022/05/26

- Added GNS530 cockpit variant

- Model fixes

- Reduced blue lights in front of screens

v1.2.0 - 2022/05/26

- Added UI title entries to cameras to prevent crashes when saving camera views.

- Modified mechanical efficiency tables to correct performance at altitude Modified thrust scalar to correct performance at altitude Changed RPM increment from 1rpm to 10rpm Increased rudder authority Made PMAG test switch functional and added checklist item Corrected flap handle initialisation when cold and dark Updated embedded PMS50 version Modified VR collision mesh in cockpit

v1.1.0 - 2022/04/19

- Fixed floating strobe light behind rudder.

- Corrections to the electrical system.

- Fixed ALT FIELD circuit breaker.

- Deactivated SPARE 1 breaker.

- Fixed SPARE 2 circuit breaker that turned off the Attitude indicator.

- Fixed unhideable pilot.

- Connected ESI500 to GTN750.

- Fixed INOP IAS/FLC button on autopilot Tied autopilot altimeter to

- left G3X screen.

- Fixed G3X not dimming.

- Fixed AI aircraft height on ground.

- Code clean-ups.

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