Latest Update: 07/08/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


New config options have been added that give user's greater control over the "Altimeter Setting" warning callouts.  A problem could occur where users would manually set their altimeters based on a 3rd party METAR setting, and not on the actual pressure at the aircraft.  This could trigger an "Altimeter Warning" callout due to the difference in altimeter settings.  The new options add a tolerance level setting to help you avoid this scenario due to the possible different altimeter setting values.  


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New feature added.  The RAAS Master Switch can now be controlled via a keypress or joystick button connected to the WATER RUDDER (UP/DOWN) command.

This feature was based on requests from home cockpit users who wanted to be able to control the RAAS Master switch via their hardware rather than the main RAAS menu.

For this function to work, there is a new option on the RAAS menu. ENABLE KEY EVENT API must be ticked.

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