Latest Update: 20/07/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Ground services units handling updated

- Minor bug fixes

v3.5 - 16/03/2021

- FO's descent flow while interacting with CDU fixed.

v3.4 - 05/03/2021

- Coughing and paper sounds removed per user request.

- Ground service vehicles handling updated to match new menu layout in the latest PMDG update.

- 4K (scaling) monitor support (you need to disable then reenable FS2Crew in the FS2Crew Config Manager) to refresh your panel.cfg with the associated changes.

- Voice command for Auto Throttle: FO will now control both auto throttle switches.

v3.3 - 01/03/2021

- Installer updated to support P3D V5 for the new PMDG 777 aircraft and expansion pack update.

v3.2 - 09/03/2020

- Speech recognizer setting can now be set to ENGLISH - UK, ENGLISH - AU, ENGLISH - CA, ENGLISH - IN.  You are no longer limited to ENGLISH - US.  This is a big plus for users from outside the US.

- Audio reset system updated.  Just press the audio test/reset button to reset the audio system.  Press this button if your audio ever drops.  


- Logo light will no longer turn back on after being shut off by the FO when climbing through 10,000 feet.
- When using Hard or Soft Mute, the Green Bar will no longer appear on the screen when sound is detected.
- Crash with the Decision Altitude set above 10,000 feet (at airports like Bogota) eliminated during the Approach Brief playback.
- Cabin PA associated with showing films removed since all airlines now use IFEs.
- During the After Landing Flow, the FO will no longer set the flaps to 20 during cold weather procedures. Instead he will leave them in the original position as per the FCOM.


Select sound files updated
- UK Global Voice set issue fixed (Note: there is not need to re-install the Global FO Voice set as the fix is inside the main program itself)
- Touch and go bug fixed during 2nd circuit
- After landing flow with spoiler as trigger fixed (Button Control)



- Center fuel pump logic fixed.  FO will now turn off the Center Fuel pumps in cruise when the following conditions are met:Center fuel less than 3000 pounds- Center fuel pumps on- Aircraft Altitude greater than 20,000 feet- FS2Crew Mode greater than Pre-Flight


- Support for the new FS2Crew: PMDG 777 First Officer Global Voice Set.  5 Euro coupon code: 777FO

- Audio system updated.  In the past, some users with 7.1 Surround Systems may have experienced difficultly with certain sound channels.  This issue should now be resolved.

- Touch and Go functionality.  Please see the 'Procedures' section in the manual for further info.

- Removed key command (Water Rudder Toggle) that could be used to open the Brief Panel to avoid a conflict with RAAS, since RAAS now uses that key command.

- FO will no longer set the Seatbelts to AUTO at 10,000 in case of turbulence.  Releasing the Cabin Crew and Cabin is now your responsibility.

- The PDF manual has been updated to V2.0.

- FO will now turn off the Center Fuel pumps in cruise as necessary.


- Start Engine One Cross Bleed Start

- Start Left Engine Cross Bleed Start

- Start Engine Two Cross Bleed Start

- Start Right Engine Cross Bleed Start

- Auxiliary Fuel Pump Off

- Set Takeoff Thrust


Heading XXX

Speed XXX

Altitude XXX

Flight Level XXX

*You would make these calls when you manually set associated MCP value as part of good CRM.


- Two Hundred (This is the Emirates version of "Alert Height".

- Alert Height


- ASDEX bug during Before Start Flow

- Set Heading "360" fixed.


- Prepar3D v3 compatibility added

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