Latest Update: 13/01/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

-'ATC Client Xponder' Config Option state will now save properly.  Previously it would reset if you press the CFG button.
- Per user request, you can now toggle the SECONDARY PANEL via a hotkey or joystick button.  Assign a button to: NITROUS TANK VALVE TOGGLE.
- Slight pause fixed after calling for the Secure Checklist.
- Eliminated that possibility the "Master Caution - Hydraulics" could play in SOP3 during Engine Start with Emergencies enabled.
- If SOFT or HARD MUTE active, Green Bar will no longer appear on the screen when speech is detected <-  THIS ONE IS SIGNIFICANT.  
- Flap Movement Check option fixed.
- Global Voice Set (UK Voice Set 2) "Landing Checklist" sound fixed.
- If using the spoiler to trigger the After Landing Flow, the new minimum ground speed to trigger the flow is 50 knots up from 20.


- Support for the new NGX Reboot Global FO Voice Pack.
- KLM airlines Config option: Taxi Lights will be turned off during the runway entry flow.
- Key Board/ Joystick button command to pause the Crew audio per user request.  To toggle the audio pause function, assign a keyboard/joystick button to WING FOLD command. When active, note the new flashing symbology on the Main Panel: AUDIO!
- GOL airlines cfg option: When announcing "LAND", THE FO will turn on the Retractable landing lights.
- Minor symbology on the SECONDARY panel updated per user request.
- New voice callouts to which the FO will reply "checked":



- FO now starts 3 minute timer as the first step in his after landing flow per user request.


- SOP 3:  Should no longer get a 'MASTER CAUTION HYDRAULICS' when starting engines.

- FO should no longer announce "Cabin Crew Seats for Landing" when calling for flaps five during a touch and go.

- Note: The circuits are meant to be flown at flaps 5, so you really should't be calling for flaps five anyway.

- "LETS TAXI BACK TO THE RUNWAY" command should now no longer result in a stuck mode after an RTO.

- During 2nd sector, FO should now turn on the wheel well light as appropriate.

- SOP 2 AFTER LANDING FLOW XPONDER user option now auto saves when you exit FS per user request.

- Per user request, trigger for FO to start his after landing flow changed from 30 knots to 50 knots if stowing the spoiler is defined as the trigger.

- If military option selected, FO will no longer inform you the cabin is not secure during takeoff.

- Set Packs On/ Off and Auto voice commands removed per user request.

- You should now be able to call for a Go Around during Rollout.

- UK audio fixed for FULL UP and FULL DOWN.

- Volume of ACARS printer reduced.

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