Latest Update: 06/12/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes a few minor bugs regarding duplicate hotkeys and calling up fixed cameras when in the sim


- Fixes an issue that the app has with one strange global camera definition being installed by a recent addon, probably the PMDG 747-8


- Creating/editing global camera definitions no longer disables the AI aircraft view

v1.22 b04

- Change: Handling of continuously pressed buttons when assigning joystick hotkeys.

v1.22 b03

- Change: Default parameters and param descriptions.

v1.22 b02

- Change: prototype for handling parameters as generic lists instead of hard coded

v1.22 b01

- Bugfix: handling of unknown properties broken (P3D!)

- Change: new properties from P3D V4 prototype

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