Latest Update: 04/05/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed a bug in Button Control that would result in the After Start flow happening prematurely on the 2nd leg if you did a single-engine taxi in on the 1st leg.

- Add a new config option based on user request.  The new option is on the Main Cfg Option panel on the Secondary Panel.


If selected to Yes, the FO will automatically turn off the fuel pumps in Cruise and Descent once the center fuel tanks reach a certain level.

v1.8 - 14/12/2020

- Removed three minute engine shutdown time requirement to run the "Shutdown Checklist" in Button Control mode.

v1.7 - 04/12/2020

- Fixed important issues associated with the Engine Severe Damage or Fire procedure. If severe damage only, the FO will no longer get stuck after calling for start levers to cutoff and he will now pull the fire handles.


- Bolstered code for users running the PMDG "Cargo" expansion pack.  Ensure you have your OPS Config option selected accordingly when using the Cargo models.  OPS  must be set to: MILITARY/FREIGHT.

- As per user request, we added a new config option: SET LOWER DISPLAY TO ENGINE.

When selected to No, the FO will NOT attempt to set the lower display to engine during engine start.  Setting the lower display to engine was something we could never do with 100 percent accuracy due to SDK limits, so at least with this new option you can now disable it.


- Bolstered support for the new PMDG 737 Cargo Model expansion pack.


- P3D V5 Support (Free!)
- Dome Light fixed.
- Ground voice Australia fixed.
- Auto connect GPU at gate: FO will not turn on ground power after the power has been connected.
- Save ASDEX position arrival and departure.
- Five second delay added between starter cutout call and time FO will attempt to blank the lower screen 
when using SOP 2.
- New Config Option on MISC (3).  Cabin Release Altitude: 10K, 18K, Cruise or Off.
- GSX Level 2: visible Pilot models disabled.  The pilots will already be on the plane.  They don't walk with the pax.
- Selecting lower engine display SOP 2.... still hit and miss because the FO is blind.  But we modified it a bit. 


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