This update makes the original Just Flight boxed version of  737 Pilot In Command compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Windows XP. Users who want to run 737 Pilot In Command with FSX and Windows Vista need to purchase the FSX/Vista upgrade from here.

Installing this update
To install this FSX/XP upgrade you will need the 737 Pilot In Command disc in your drive in order to validate the update.

Please note that the 737 Pilot In Command software does not need to be installed into FSX prior to running this update.

Once the update has downloaded please double-click the file to begin and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Uninstalling the update from your PC
Once the 737 Pilot In Command has been installed into FSX you can uninstall it by looking for the Just Flight 737 Pilot In Command entry in the Add/Remove Programs list located in Control Panel. Please note that this needs to be run separately to uninstall the boxed version.