Revised files for the 737 Pilot in Command in Flight Simulator 2004. This update is only needed for those users with the original Just Flight version of the 737 Pilot In Command for FS2004. Users with the FS2004/FSX compatible version do not need  this update.

This update includes all previous fixes as well as adding some new features to the software

TOD calculation when the plan is not closed and no E/D point is available
Fixed bypassing MCP altitude in path decent in approach environment
Option to invert elevator control to fix steep dives on engaging AP (can happen in some configurations) It was coming from some other software used by a few users
Better handling of "at or below" constraints (path descent)
Set up more force on ailerons when leveling than after rolling back from turn (better heading capture)
Bank limit for low speed LNAV turns (more precise LNAV turns)
Animated screens in the passenger cabin
Co-pilot speed call outs on takeoff

Installation instructions

Download the file to your computer
Locate the 737PIC_FS2004Update.exe file and double-click on it to install.
Follow the on-screen prompts to install the tool to your Flight Simulator folder.