Latest Update: 16/08/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fix exclude of fuel tanks

- Optimized Dyn-Lights

- Fix nightmap of camper vehicle


- Fix Taxiway Edge Lights when using HDR
- Fix of Config Tool


- Runway 07R/25L changed to the correct length of 3780m/12400feet

- Reduced Intensity of dynamic Lights at International Terminal

- Better Integration in Terrain in Combination with FTX South Alaska

- Change of the DME Location for ILS Approaches

- Correct "hard" Ground at Lake Hood

- PAPI, Runwaylights, Approach Lights changed to new Runwaylenght 07R

- Configtool redesigned


- Charts of PANC correct installed

- Correction of Taxiwaysigns für Runway 15/33

- Several Waterflatten issues fix in combination of Orbx FTX SAK

- Correction for Waterlevel of Lake Hood

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