Latest Update: 07/06/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- FDE update


- Lighting placard on overhead panel corrected to DIM-OFF-BRIGHT switch positions

- Co-pilot ASI needles - fixed

- Manifold pressure gauge changed to 75 Max MP type

- Increased mouse area for heading hold knob

- Air America tail texture issue - fixed


- FDE improvements

- Flight 1 GTN 750 integration added to modern cockpit (toggle switch located on center panel)

- NAV/GPS switch added

- Glide-slope indicator in military cockpit fixed 

- HSI instruments fixed

- OBS compass rings fixed

- Radio tuning issues fixed

- Magnetos, generators and ignition still on after using cold & dark switched - fixed

- GPS back-light flickering at night - fixed

- Co-pilot ADI texture issue - fixed


- FDE improvements

- ASI - TAS scale fixed

- Interior/exterior lighting - fixed

- USAF China Doll livery - red stripes removed from roundel on wing

- Engine start controls/process improved - mesh switch no longer single-use

- Cold & dark switch labels added to overhead panel

- Yokes are now hide-able - click spots located on cockpit torches

- Captain's instrument panel overlap issues - fixed

- Instrument panel gaps fixed

- Various tool-tips fixed

- Cockpit hoses fixed

- Fuel gauges not displaying accurate quantities - fixed

- Military cockpit VSI under-reading - fixed

- Radio issues - fixed

- Instrument/beacon light switch labels - fixed

- Various livery fixes

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