Latest Update: 15/08/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed signalling to allow AI trains to work properly.

- Added extra signalling signage.

- Added AWS ramps where required.

- Swapped a large amount of 3D trees to 2D to improve performance (major improvements in FPS).

- Swapped some default buildings for Just Trains Common Library buildings where improvements have been made.


- Door opening issue at Conon Bridge and Beauly stations on the ‘Class 158 – 2H81 08:55 Inverness-Kyle’ scenario changed so no door opening required to complete the scenario successfully.

- Added Super-Elevation in a number of locations where relevant.

- Added Points Indicator signals to the passing loops.

- Easing of gradient changes route-wide.

- A number of smaller changes, including adjustment of trackside vegetation, fence lines etc.

- Removed erroneous signal at Inverness Welsh's Bridge.

- Fixed water blending issues route-wide (water was at differing heights in some locations).

- Added headlight to the Kyle Route reskin Class 37 locomotives.

- Reduced brightness of Kyle route reskins Class 37 locomotive headlight.

- Added individual control to Kyle route reskins Class 37 locomotives using the CTRL + H keys combination.

- Certain scenario Fail To Load issues corrected.

- Please note that RailDriver controllers are not compatible for use with the Kyle reskins Class 37 enhanced dynamics.

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