Latest Update: 18/01/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- This update places the missing A Stock markers in the route.

v1.02 - 13/01/2021

- Fixes to signals to make certain signals show up on HUD display.

- Wembley Park Siding and ground signals added.

- Headshunt marker added for Wembley Park Jubilee Line.

- Headshunt marker added for West Hampstead.

- Fix to broken point rail on Uxbridge diamond crossover.

- West Ruislip Yard markers added.

- West Ruislip basic signalling added for scenario use.

- Moorgate Tunnel LOD fixed.

- Lighting added around Farringdon Cutting.

- Lighting added around Kings Cross Cutting.

- Trees reworked around Rickmansworth.
- Fixed missing markers at Neasden, Dollis Hill and Chalfont and Latimer.

- Moved 15mph speed board away from tracks at Neasden due to stock clipping.

- Relaid Embankment loft at Chorleywood Platform 2 and moved Lamps that were hidden by embankment.

- Raised signal MB100 which was sunk into concrete track base outside of Baker Street.

- Lineside JT Grass value reduced throughout the route.

- Raised the gantry on the Northbound line at Willesden Green which was fouling trains as they passed.

- Old Stop Car Markers added where applicable from cab ride.

- Shadow Map texture fix to Mitsubishi Building at Uxbridge.

- Shadow Map texture fix to Chimes Shopping Centre Uxbridge.

- LOD Fix to Uxbridge Signal Box.

- LOD Fix to Hillingdon Station.

- LOD Fix to Swallow Inn Pub at Hillingdon.

- North bound Quick Drive fixed to stop any AI collisions if they are running north via Finchley Road.

- South Bound Quick Drive fixed to stop an AI reversal at Farringdon.

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