Latest Update: 20/05/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Occlusion-sound fixed in the U3 train type

- Added some projectors with advertisement to station: Suedbahnhof, Konstablerwache/D, Bockenheimer Warte/C etc.

- "Mind the Step" announcement added to lines U4, U5, U6, U7 for "U3 Train Type"

- Possible AI traffic problems between "Dornbusch" and "Huegelstrasse" fixed


- Fixed missing section of track in HUD. 

- Fixed missing key and mouse start issue in cab.

- Custom Non Player Characters switched to dovetail Non Player Characters to fix bugs. 

- Train derailment at buffers fixed at U4 Enkheim to Bockenheimer Warte.

- Button information added in mouseover. 

- Clock fixed at Kirchplatz Gleis 1. 

- Fixed incorrect overhead line at station Stephan-Heise-Str. Gleis 1,2.

- Oberursel Stadtmitte station distance Marker added. 

- Fixed signal failing issue at U3 Suedbahnhof to Hohemark.

- Fixed rain inside tunnels when in long range birds eye view camera.

- Fixed incorrect sky/weather at Stephan-Heise-Str.Gleis 1.

- Fixed no wiper sounds. 

- Fixed game crashing on restart bug.

- Fixed multiple scenario ending bugs.

- Fixed scenarios not rewarding points upon completing objectives. 

- Fixed Flickering on houses between Schaefellstrasse Gleis 1 - Johanna-Tesch-Platz Gleis 1.

- Multiple branding removed from route and locos.

- Bombardier Flexity Swift U5 breaking action improved when driving above 50% power. 

- Added loco information to trams.

- Fixed a large gap in the floor on the train when roaming at Siemens Duewag U4 Section 1.

- Fixed multiple level of detail bugs. 

- Scenario description added to scenario menu and briefing.


- Scenario "U9 Ginnheim to Nieder-Eshbach" fixed (Red signal because of AI's behaviour).

- Scenario "U2 Gonzenheim to Suedbahnhof" name fixed.

- There are no more "one way" rules for any track on the map.

- Quick Drive is fixed (No more lost tracks on the map).

- The Throttle-brake-lever has smoother behaviour.

- The engine sound of the "U4" Train Type is fixed (It was too loud).

- The cabin geometry of the "U4" Train Type is fixed (There is no hole between A and B parts of a car anymore).

- The echo effect in the tunnels has been removed.

- There is a possibility to drive from Suedbahnhof to Gonzenheim (and back too) via "Riedberg" as redirect

(Codes for IBIS: "Line 92, Ziel 712-779" to Gonzenheim; and "Line 92, Ziel 716-779" to Suedbahnhof.

- The Text-to-speech announcements of the U5 line have been replaced with Ingrid-Metz-Neun's voice

- The announcements of the "U3" Train Type for lines U4, U5, U6 and U7 now have a "Mind the step" phrase.

(To make announcements louder please turn off the "EFX" parameter in the Train Simulator audio options)

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