Latest Update: 22/04/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


This supplemental information covers the addition of the U-5 line to the route and a list of fixes on the existing routes. 

There is a manual supplement to cover the upgrade to be found in the Train Simulator manuals location. 


- U5 Line added (5,1 km of new tracks)


- Musterschule

- Glauburgstrasse

- Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

- Hauptfriedhof

- Neuer juedischer Friedhof

- Eckenheimer Landstr./ Marbachweg

- Schwabstrasse

- Marbachweg / Sozialzentrum

- Giessener Strasse

- Theobald-Ziegler-Strasse

- Ronneburgstrasse

- Sigmund-Freud-Strasse

- Preungesheim

- "Dornbusch - Eckenheimer Landstr." connecting service (not passenger) line added (1 km of new tracks)

- New depot added at Betriebshof Eckenheim


- All Career Scenarios have been changed to Standard Scenarios.

- Quick drive scenarios for the line U5 in both directions added.

- Error in the U8's Quick drive scenario fixed.

- To improve performance there are less trains in the Heddernheim/Ost depots in Quick drive and Standard scenarios now.

- "U3 to Hohemark" scenario fixed.


- AI Trains now have engine sounds.

This service pack also includes the content from the previously released service packs:

- Names of some stations are fixed, so that you are able to create your own scenarios.

- 16 new Career scenarios (The previous Standard and Free Roam scenarios are not able to be played anymore and are not included)

- New AI trains in Quick drive and Career scenarios:
  • AI BR 423
  • AI U2h Wagen
  • AI Ptb Wagen
  • AI U3 Wagen
  • AI U4 Wagen (Re-design)

(The types of AI Traffic in new Scenarios represents situation of the year 2011, when the oldest U2h trains drove at A-Strecke)(The AI trains have no scripts, so the performance of the game remains stable)(All the AI trains have Destination signs in the Scenarios)NOTE: The stand-alone Informator utility is NOT compatible with Windows XP or 10. This does not affect the operation of the route in Train Simulator.

Updated for the route:

- Fixed text on destination tables on Suedbahnhof-Heddernheim stations.

- New Quick Drive scenarios (2 per line). Up to 5 AI trains.

Updated for the trains:

- Fixed camera position in cab.

- Improved light in cab.

- Improved train lights.

- Improved control panel light.

- Fixed text on destination tables.

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