Latest Update: 2024/02/13

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


Fixed a derailing issue on the DT4 Tram that happened after decoupling.

v1.03 - 2024/02/05

- Driveable DT4 tram series with 8 new scenarios for them.
- DT4 and DT5 tram models updated.
- Railway signalling in Ohlsdorf added.
- Tunnel signals fixed.
- Speed limits in Farmsen depot fixed.

- Manual updated for the Drivable DT4 series and new scenarios.

v1.01 - 2023/07/05


The previous scenarios have been removed and replaced with the following:

6 new standard scenarios with a lot of AI traffic using all the AI U-Bahn trains. There are also aircraft as well as freight-trains at location known as  Güterumgehungsbahn" (EN Hanover freight bypass railway), a VTA train in the Norderstedt-Mitte for line A2 and a Akkulok (EN battery locomotive).

"U1 Farmsen to Ohlsdorf"
"Drive the U1 from depot Farmsen via city centre towards Ohlsdorf"

Duration: 48 minutes

"U1 Fuhlsbuettel Nord to Farmsen"
"Drive the U1 from Fuhlsbuettel Nord via city centre towards depot Farmsen"
Duration: 51 minutes

"U1 Grosshansdorf to Norderstedt Mitte"

"Drive the whole U1 from Grosshansdorf via city centre towards Norderstedt Mitte"
Duration:  84 minutes


"U1 Norderstedt Mitte to Grosshansdorf"
"Drive the whole U1 from Norderstedt Mitte via city centre towards Grosshansdorf"
Duration: 84 minutes

"U1 Norderstedt Mitte to Ohlstedt"
"Drive the whole U1 from Norderstedt Mitte via city centre towards Ohlstedt"
Duration: 73 minutes


"U1 Ohlstedt to Norderstedt Mitte"
"Drive the whole U1 from Ohlstedt via city centre towards Norderstedt Mitte"
Duration: 77 minutes


- HVV Branding added to the trains.
- DT3N train as AI vehicle.
- Manually operated announcement "Please stand clear of the closing doors" now has keyboard shortcut.
- Different keyboard layout for door control (now the same as used in U-Bahn Frankfurt route).
- Departure Schmalenbeck towards Ahrensburg Ost was at 50km/h but is now 80km/h.
- Ambient noises revised.
- Lohmühlenstraße geometry fixed (no passage sign was mirrored).
- AI U3 at the Quick Drive (in the direction of Klosterstern) revised (synchronized with the U1 player's train)
- Stop announcements revised.


The following issues have been addressed:
- Some signalling fixes.
- Quick Drive from the direction of Farmsen to Ohlstedt/Großhansdorf diverted to the main track instead of the Farmsen depot tracks.
- DT5: Reworked key turning animation.
- Quick Drive: the aircraft flies less frequently.
- All vehicles have received blue door control lights.
- Fixed rain coming through the roof in Volksdorf.


The keyboard keys have been updated thus:

Open on the left was: ,  but is now:   u
Open on the right was: /  but is now:   o
Close doors on both sides was:  .  but is now:  i
The yellow "A" button that activates the announcement "Zurückbleiben bitte" can now be operated by the keyboard button: K

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