Latest Update: 16/05/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- 2048 x 2048 px high resolution textures for tower, terminal, fire brigade and DFS

- Specular Maps for tower and hall for winter services redesigned

- Changes of the textures and 3D models for tower and fire station

- Optimization of animated peoples (apron, parking, tram, terminal entrance)

- Additional option in the Configurator to switch off static cars

- The script for the Configurator has been updated to disable ORBX files (troubleshooter)

- Minor fixes of the airport layout (smooth transition of the edge strip)

- Static aircraft were aligned according to parking position

- Modified AFCAD file

New/further Features:

- Orthophoto with 15cm/px resolution and color matching of all seasons to ORBX environment

- Densely placed autogen vegetation and buildings

- Lighting concept for airport lighting created individually for Erfurt (dynamic lights)

- Centerlights, taxilights, apron lighting with 3D lights depending on time of day and view

- SODE supported HITEC hangar with controllable hangar doors

- Optional SODE passenger boarding bridges or default passenger boarding bridges (STRG + J)

 -Functional analog clock, displays the local time

- Animated peoples in the apron area and in the terminal

- Animated Erfurt airport vehicles, optional with dynamic lighting

- 3D grass, changes automatically the season variation when the season changes

- 3D objects with seasonal control, sound insulation accumulation and ILS approach

- Static aircraft and vehicles

- AESLite, animated default ground vehicles

- Scenery Configurator Pro with new Troubleshooter feature

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