Latest Update: 2022/10/18

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed airport shown as water airport

- Fixed issue with AI traffic hold short


Starting with this new version, it must be activated and installed by your customers via Aerosoft One.

The corresponding serial number batch for this product, provided by Aerosoft at release, can still be used as before, only with the One Setup instead of the full installer.

This means that both existing and new customers can install the products with the appropriate serial number via Aerosoft One.

v2.0.0.0 - 2022/03/01

- Renovation of the Main Terminal Building to accurately represent the current airport status

- Replacement of the old fuel station and Fire station buildings with new representing the current airport's status

- Recreation of the airport's parking area to represent the current status

- Corrections-additions to apron lines according to the new building positions (i.e. RFFS lines and signs)

- Replacement of all night textures (except from windows) with physical light sources

- Mesh enhancement at the east of the airport to more accurately represent the hills of the area

- Hazard lights added on the top of buildings and windsocks

- Asphalt texture added to the roads inside the airport

- Runway center line addition near to threshold of 16 (bug from V1)

- Parking positions converted to Gates (bug from V1)

- Taxi ribbon issue showing wrong taxi instructions corrected (bug from V1)

- Wrench and star symbols showing to the map (bug from V1)

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