Latest Update: 2022/06/24

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



-Ground radar tower

-Terminal benches

-The inside of the control tower now with navigation equipment

-Wave-form roof of the new terminal building

-Correction of the position of the control tower in relation to the building

-Correction of the roof of the old terminal


New facilities 

-New southern entrance to the Cargo part of the airport

-Car rental containers

-New building near the gas tank

-Toll plazas, bus station canopy and parking billboards of the new terminal

-All fences around and in the airport area


Animated passengers 

-New GroudPoly built for new car parks at the new terminal, new Cargo entrance and two connecting roads.

-Improved some textures and changing the texture name for Cobus

-Installed colliders on all facilities

-Completely revised and newly made accurate model of airport lighting (approach light, apron light, taxi light) and all obstructive lights

-Newly made night lighting of roads and parking lots

-Position of the airport and all buildings 

-Resolved rain and snow problem inside the terminal building

-Support for Aerosoft's VDGS system included


Starting with this update, it must be activated and installed by your customers via Aerosoft One.


The corresponding serial number batch for this product, provided by Aerosoft, can still be used as before, only with the One Setup instead of the full installer.

This means that both existing and new customers can install the products with the appropriate serial number via Aerosoft One.

v1.1.1.0 29/09/2021

- Weapons removed from static military planes

- Changes WU

v1.1.0.0 - 22/07/2021

- New terminal bench texture

- Added snowplough

- Correction of a small error in 2 buildings (one fence of the wastewater collector and the position of several antennas of the TV tower)

- Correction of the position of street lamps in the old part of the airport

- Change of vehicle glass surface texture type from Standard - dither to Glass

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