Latest Update: 13/07/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v2.0.1.0 (P3D v5) & v1.0.2.0 (P3D v4)

- All objects are PBR textured

- Part of the facilities (especially in the old part of the airport) has been 3D enhanced and improved and the position of some facilities and effects has been corrected

- Part of the texture has been corrected or changed

- Static lighting has been removed so that the entire airport is dynamically lit

- Some of the old lighting effects have been removed due to performance retention (effects and dynamic lighting have a big impact on FPS)

- A new facility has been added - a snow removal truck from the runway

v2.0.0.0 (P3D v5) & v1.0.1.0 (P3D v4) - 10/09/2020 

- Revised AFCAD with all positions and NAV ID points according to the official description with very little position correction of the runway itself to fit my satellite photomaps. Added one NDB. All geographic parking positions are as reported

- New Correct Radar Antenna Head

- Large Pillar Double Billboards at Airport Approach Roads

- Correction of most models, New correct ILS antenna on 22 and ground radar pole correction, modification of all asbestos roof tiles etc.

- Added new objects and slightly corrected old ones

- A completely newly revised GroundPoly with associated position and layout related files. Added all changes by the beginning of this year and corrected all horizontal signage in position and appearance to be most true to the current status at the airport. New asphalt textures and some specular textures, new stains on EAST APRON

- New facility, 3D pedestrian pavement and road curbs

- New and Corrected Signal Lights (Taxi, Apron, Edge) with New Edge Lights

- Finally removed old Taxi tags and installed new ones (not by me but by the airport manager, it took them a year to change old ones that were not used with new positions in the old parking lot)

Mild position correction according to GATE position correction

- Attempt to slow down animated vehicles as they depart, go through turns and when stationary, the speed of movement itself is left for a 9 minute cycle

- Position correction of some vehicles and added Panther6 × 6

- Corrected cargo box position (I don't know the real name) at Cargo terminals with a slight deviation from the actual position because they are actually located in a single enclosed cage just at the Taxiway W (! ??) passage. Added birds over the wooded parts of the airport

- Corrected static lights and added a new one to the new parking spot

- New vector files fully customizable to ORBX plugin, which supplement and partially correct yet retain most of what this plugin brings, for proper display it is necessary for Zagreb professional to be above ORBX files in Scenery / AddON program settings

- Eject Extrude Bridges from the program but also from ORBX plugins (ugly shaped and authentic in appearance)

- Correcting the position of advertisements on the road at 04 and added birds from the lake near 04

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