Latest Update: 03/09/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Autopilot pedestal 2D pop-up added
- Tweaks to IAS and Mach hold and associated FD pitch indications
- Default electrical power now fully synced to custom code, preventing radio/ATC use when cold & dark
- ICE DETECT light remaining illuminated after anti-icing applied - fixed
- Cabin announcements sometimes not available on second leg of a flight - fixed
- "Approaching minimums" call-out no longer triggered if radio altimeter minimums is set to 0ft
- Fast/slow indicator is now functional
- EXT PWR NOT SHUT remaining illuminated after cancelling MWS test - fixed
- Pressing the non-functional VNAV button should no longer have any effect on the autopilot
- Improvements to digital display backlighting logic, including control over backlighting via instrument panel lighting knob
- GSX compatibility updated (takes advantage of new GSX jetway and airstair availability status)
- GSX cargo ULD codes added to ensure suitable containers are loaded on QC/QT
- Altitude selector fail flag added
- Tweaks to cabin announcement timings/triggers


v1.06.2 - 04/01/2021

- FMC fixes (SID/STAR selection, DTO)

v1.06.1 - 24/12/2020

- Custom sounds causing audible artefacts (‘popping’) – fixed

- Various tweaks to EFB logic for more accurate payload management

v1.06 - 22/12/2020

- EFB added - provides control over animations, announcements, fuel and passenger load (refer to FAQ here)
- Fuel quantity gauges changed to KGs to match other indicators
- N1 and TGT bugs can now be set with electrical power off and positions will be saved/restored with panel state
- Glideslope/localiser capture issues after using RNAV - fixed
- FDE changes (cruise attitude, stability in IAS/MACH modes)
- HSI CDI now working correctly when flying from a VOR
- Minor livery fixes
- Various improvements to custom sound system
- Tweaks to cabin announcements
- New wing views added
- 300QT GSX profile fixed
- Engine anti-ice intake low pressure remaining illuminated after engine start at low N1 values - fixed
- Tweaks to air-con system (e.g. flight deck and cabin fans now affect temperature change rate)
- Power icon and menu state options can now only be selected when on the ground to avoid inadvertent selection during flight
- Added further GSX compatibility (e.g. doors will now auto open/close, cabin crew arm/disarm door announcements triggered by GSX boarding/deboarding status)
- Animation panel now indicates when doors are open, stairs are extended or GPU is enabled
- Speeds card clickspot will now also set N1 and TGT bugs
- FMC fixes (including DTO)

v1.05 - 11/12/2020

- FMC not appearing for some users - fixed

- Pilot and cabin announcements added (refer to the FAQ here for more details)

- MWS ground op mode added

- MWS trigger time delay added

- DC meters now show battery voltage when selected, regardless of battery switch position

- Yellow hydraulic system no longer indicates pressure with only DC pump on

- Air-conditioning recirculation valve will now only open with sufficient air flow from packs

- Engine air valves will now only open with sufficient air flow from engines

- APU TGT will now vary depending on APU air, pack and recirc selections

- TGT logic improved to produce more realistic values at engine idle, start and max thrust

- Galley power will now add to electrical load

- Fuel flow logic tweaked

- HSI glideslope indicator flag always visible when using NAV 2 - fixed

- Autopilot VLOC mode not holding course when using NAV 2 - fixed

- RMI logic fixes

- Cabin lights not illuminated on 146-300 variant - fixed

- Stall buffet sounds added

- Quick select added for course/heading knobs

- Glideslope/localiser capture logic fixes

- Flood lighting colour tweaked for better match to real aircraft

- Tail navigation lights added

- Appearance of digital display screens improved

- Payload manager fixes

- CTD when switching between 146 variants - fixed

- Flight idle animation added to thrust levers

- APU needles now swing to zero when switch moved to STOP

- Airbrake control range increased

- Volume increased for various custom sounds

v1.04 - 04/12/2020

- F/O ASI inoperative on 200/300 variants - fixed

- Various autopilot tweaks and fixes

- Elevator trim no longer initialising to take-off position on first load - fixed

- 'Turnaround' aircraft state menu option added 

- Weather radar Active Sky compatibility fixes

- Decimal point missing from altimeter inHG barometric setting - fixed

- Flap animation tweaked

- Livery and minor texture fixes

- Light effects tweaked to avoid cockpit light spill on -300 variant

- Glideslope/localiser capture logic fixes

- Clickspot added to FMCs for toggling 2D pop-up

- Speed bug clickspot logic improved

- Improvements to exterior glass

- External AC/DC power can now be supplied by GSX jetway or GPU

- Flaps now retract fully when selecting ‘Cold & Dark’ state

- MWS amber caution will now automatically cancel if no amber captions remain


(We continues to work on a solution for the FMC not appearing bug and other feature requests/bugs)

v1.03 - 02/12/2020

- FMC font display issue - fixed

- Custom sounds missing from 146 Statesman - fixed

- Improvements to brake temperature logic

- State saving toggle not working - fixed

- RMI needle logic changes

- ADF2 middle digit cannot be selected to '0' - fixed

- AP sync mode can now be toggled using the yoke sync buttons

- Mouse wheel logic reversed for elevator trim wheel

- Flight director now available with IAS/MACH modes

- F/O lighting control animations fixed

- QT/QC cargo door open/close rate slowed

- Glideslope deviation triggering GPWS audible warning but not lights - fixed

- GPWS glideslope warning can now be disabled by pressing the GPWS PULL UP button

- Glideslope/localiser capture logic improved

- ASI bugs can now be set automatically to speed card values for take-off or landing (click on speed card)

- Menu option added for toggling the automatic syncing of Captain and F/O altimeters

- Elevator trim change rate slowed for more refined pitch setting in manual flight

v1.02 - 30/11/2020 

- FS avionics master logic - fixed

- ICE DETECT annunciator remaining on despite anti-ice controls switched on - fixed

- Probe icing occurring despite probe heaters switched on - fixed

- 'Toggle Panel Selector' menu option - fixed

- Autopilot altitude capture 100ft below target - fixed

- Livery fixes (including smile added to 146-100 PSA)

- External aircraft effects added (with configuration tool option added for enabling/disabling effects)

- Improvements to exterior glass reflectivity

- Changes to security validation to reduce risk of failure

v1.01 - 28/11/2020

- MWS cautions triggered with electrical power off - fixed

- 300QT ASL airlines livery - fixed

- Improvements to spray effect

- Autopilot not following FMC route with LNAV engaged - fixed

- Heading bug not settable with LNAV engaged - fixed

- Minor changes to FDE

- Improvements to exterior glass reflectivity

- Changes to security validation to reduce risk of failure

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