With the addition of random failures in the v0.1.9 update to the 146 Professional, below is a short explanation of the failure system.

The failure of systems can be manually triggered or they can be armed to fail at a specific time on the EFB FAILURES menu. If a tick is present in the “FAIL” box, that indicates that the respective system has failed. If a tick is present in the “ARM” box, that indicates that the respective system is armed to fail at the time listed in the field immediately to the right.

In order for random failures to occur, you must first ensure the “RANDOM” failures box is ticked at the bottom left of the EFB FAILURES menu. You then have four options to choose from that will dictate how often random failures will occur:

  • REAL: A failure will occur every 25 hours to 50 hours.
  • LOW: A failure will occur every 5 hours to 15 hours.
  • MID: A failure will occur every 2 hours to 5 hours
  • HIGH: A failure will occur every 30mins to 2 hours

Note 1: These failures are random failures and are not effected by how the user flies the aircraft (for example, constantly firewalling the engines will not increase the chance of a engine failure).

Note 2:  Not all failures will be accompanied by an aural or visual alert, and may not be immediately noticeable. For example, a failure of one of the COM radios will not provide any alert in the aircraft, and therefore the only way you will be able to tell there is a failure is by using the system and realising it is inoperative, or by checking the EFB FAILURE page for any ticks in the “FAIL” column. 

Further information on the EFB and the failure menu can be found in the 146 Professional manual