Just Flight - 146 Professional (P3Dv4/v5)

Product Changelog

146 Professional (P3Dv4/v5) Changelog
Latest Update: 03/09/2021 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v1.07 - Autopilot pedestal 2D pop-up added - Tweaks to I...
Mon, 6 Sep, 2021 at 10:02 AM


To download the manual, please click on the download link below.
Paint Kit
To download the paint kit, please click on the download link below. 1.3GB Please note the files size
Electronic Flight Bag
The tablet EFB allows you to:   - Control the doors and stairs - Toggle ground power - Set the fuel load in the wing and centre tanks - Set the cargo l...
Can I Hide The Yoke?
Yes, you can hide the yoke by clicking on the "pedal adjuster" on the corresponding side panel
Pilot And Cabin Announcments
v1.05 update adds pilot and cabin announcements. These will be automatically triggered at the appropriate time based on various events such as altitude, air...
How Do I Engage The Autopilot?
The autopilot controller is located on the aft centre console. You can engage the autopilot by pressing the AP IN button or using the default autopilot togg...
Why Is The Elevator Stuck In The Up Position?
The elevator and ailerons use servo-tabs for the elevator (they look similar to trim tabs) and the flight controls only directly affect the position of thos...
How Can I Configure The Fuel And Payload?
A payload manager can be found in Start Menu > Just Flight
How Do I Control The Aircraft Doors?
The animations panel, which can be opened via the panel selector, provides control of the passenger, service and cargo doors.
How Do I Connect External Ground Power?
The ground power can be connected via the animations panel, which can be opened via the panel selector.
How Do I Use The FMC?
A comprehensive guide to operating the FMC can be found in Start Menu > Just Flight. The FMC will be connected to the autopilot when LNAV mode is engaged.
Why Is The Take-Off Configuration Horn Being Triggered When I Advance The Thrust Levers?
The horn will be triggered if: Any door is open The aileron trim is not centred The elevator trim is not in the green band The flap lever is set to 33 ...
How Do I Use The Speed Card?
The speed card will automatically show the take-off, climb and landing speeds based on your aircraft’s current weight. No user input is required.
How Do I Enable/Disable The HF Aerial And Countermeasure Pods?
Countermeasure pods are configured automatically. Any livery containing the keyword ‘RAF’ in the name will feature countermeasure pods. With a 146-100 varia...
Is There A Control Assignment For Disconnecting The TMS?
Yes, the ‘Autothrottle engage (TOGA)’ assignment can be used to disconnect the TMS.
Why Am I Unable To Engage The Parking Brake?
The parking brake accumulator is connected to the yellow hydraulic system and it must be pressurised before the parking brake can be engaged. Without the en...
146-200 QC Checklist
To download the checklist, please click on the download link below.