The tablet EFB allows you to:


- Control the doors and stairs

- Toggle ground power

- Set the fuel load in the wing and centre tanks

- Set the cargo load in the forward, aft and fuselage cargo holds

- Set the passenger load

- Set the ZFW and total fuel weight, and check the empty and gross weight

- Set cold & dark, ready for take-off and turnaround states

- Trigger pilot and cabin announcements


Fuel and cargo loads, ZFW and total fuel weight values can either be increased/decreased by 5% using the plus/minus buttons or input manually. Manual entry can be achieved by clicking on the relevant value field, inputting the value using the number keys on your keyboard and then pressing the enter key. The backspace key can also be used. The value field will flash to indicate when an input is being made. 


In addition to affecting the ZFW, the pax total value will also control the number of passengers shown when using GSX.


Units of measure can be toggled between KGs and LBs.


The tablet is equipped with a power button and clickspots for pitch and rotation, allowing you to configure the viewing angle. It can be removed from the cockpit using the 'Toggle EFBs' option in the Add-ons > Just Flight menu.