Latest Update: 01/11/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.1 P3D v4.5/5.2

Exterior models:

- Revised materials and textures for V5.2

- Revised Navigation light pockets

- Corrected Landing lights

Interior models:

- Revised warning light panel (all lights can now be extinguished)

- Revised materials and textures for V5.2 to correct "dark" cockpit


- Flight1 GTN suite is no longer being developed by the author(s)

and will not be supported for V5+

- For V5+ we have reconfigured the panel files to integrate RealityXP GTN suite

- Also, the MilViz Radar unit is no longer being developed and is not supported for V5+

We have retained the entries for the panel cfgs in the hope that maybe one day it may be updated.

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