Latest Update: 04/10/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Taileron alignment fix

- Gauge changes to fix some hardware incompatibility

v1.01 - 24/06/2021

- Flap/Throttles not responsive for some users – fixed 

- Fuel tanks not feeding in the correct order - fixed

- A2A refuelling parameters revised to make triggering fuel transfer more consistent 

- Unlimited fuel under some tank combinations - fixed

- Security failing issue - fixed

- Stored VUHF not being loaded - fixed 

- VUHF unit now not able to load unrealistic frequencies 

- VUHF guard frequencies corrected 

- VUHF agencies tool now has feature to edit the stored frequencies as well as station names 

- VUHF agency tool shortcut added to Start menu

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