Latest Update: 2023/01/19

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- correction bumpy areas

- ground services updated

- afcad updated

- added parking tolls (LFMT)

- added cargo area accessories (LFMT)

- enhanced vegetation (LFMT)

- jetways height correction (LFST)

- tin exclusions enhanced (LFST)

- enhanced vegetation (LFST)

v1.31 - 2022/20/12

- correction bumpy areas

- GSX compatibility enhancements

- markings enhancements

- Bordeaux terminal Hall B enhancements

v1.30 - 2022/18/11

- jetways transparency fixed (LFBD)

- correction bumpy areas (LFBD)

- GSX compatibility enhanced (LFBD)

- adjust RUN25L axis (LFRB)

- adjust RUN25R altitude (LFRB)

- jetways GSX compatible (LFRB)

- Added VOR Antenna object (LFLC)

- correction bumpy areas (LFLC)

- added Living World and Airport Services (LFLC)

- correction bumpy areas (LFMT)

- adjust Runway 30L altitude (LFMT)

- terminal hall B enhancements

- jetways GSX compatible (LFMT)

- new Living World and Services (LFMT)

- change taxi O into N (LFST)

- adjust startup locations (LFST)

- correction bumpy areas (LFST)

- jetways GSX compatible (LFST)

v1.23 - 2021/09/23

- delete vegetation on Clermont-Ferrand runway after WU6 update

v1.22 - 2021/11/06

- ILS beams and Glide / Slope data offset fixed for Brest, Clermont, Montpellier and Strasbourg airports

- delete vegetation on the Montpellier runway when photogrammetry is not activated

v1.20/1.21 - 2021/05/31

NOTE: Clermont-Ferrand and Strasbourg airports remain in version 1.20 because they are not affected by update 1.21

- delete static planes at "commercial" gates for each airport

- ILS beams data link error fixed on Bordeaux, Brest and Montpellier airports

- fixed some buildings "levitating" on Brest airport

- fixed ground texture of the Brest airport terminal area

- fixed colour and transparency of glass textures

v1.10 - 2021/05/12

- added airports to the launch screen map

- fixed runway allocation issues with ATC for each airport

- static planes isolated from other parking spaces at each airport

- fixed "Chamber of Commerce and Industry" sign on Brest airport

- added 3 candelabras in the flying club area at Bordeaux airport

- fixed "levitating" buildings at Clermont-Ferrand airport

- added static plane at Clermont-Ferrand airport

- delete vegetation on runway at Clermont-Ferrand airport

- fixed visual bug on the roof of the terminal at Clermont-Ferrand airport

- fixed alignment of the central runway lights at Clermont-Ferrand airport

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