Latest Update: 2022/02/0

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Updated Qt to 6.2.3. 

- Fixed splash screen issue. 

v3.1.6 - 2022/01/29

- Changed to Qt 6.2 and 64-bit binary. 

- Fixed Portuguese resource. 

- Fixed some typos. 

v3.1.5 - 2021/10/07

- Added a backup database for use when the main database is down. 

v3.1.4 - 2021/09/20

- Changed the database server. 

- Fixed menus and options not disabled while updating charts. 

- ICAO input box is now disabled while downloading charts. 

- Changed the Spanish resource to the English version. 

v3.1.3 - 2021/09/10

- Changed the hosting provider for the app server for speed and better reliability. 

- Changed many resources internal structure, the app should be faster than before. 

- Fixed some airports not associated with their country. 

- Fixed Bahrain resource. 

- Other charts are now in ‘ZZZZ – Other Countries’ folder instead of the main charts folder. 

- Renamed 'Refresh Downloaded Charts' to 'Rescan Downloaded Charts'. 

- Custom resources structure, old custom resources must be added again. 

- Renamed "Multiple Files (Website)" type to "Code Files (Website)". 

- "Single File (Website)" type, replaced by "Code Files (Website)". 

- Fixed multiple grammatical mistakes 

v3.1.2 - 2021/07/23

- Changed the app server. 

v3.1.1 - 2021/07/17

- Changed charts folder structure so charts are now inside country folders. 

- Changed UI windows size. 

- Whitespaces are now removed from the beginning and end of the license key. 

- Changed "License key is invalid" message to "License key couldn't be found". 

v3.1 - 2021/06/21

Added various UI improvements. 

- Changed the download charts list to a tree view to display download charts, sorted according to the ICAO code, with the ability to open, update, and delete individual airport charts. 

- Changed the activation logic to avoid any random changes in the hardware ID. 

- Fixed New Zealand resource. 

v3.0.3 - 2021/06/18

- Added various code improvements. 

- Edit menu and check for updates menu option are now disabled while downloads are in progress. 

- Removed any airport description chart (TEXT) from all resources. 

- Fixed Saudi Arabia resource. 

- Fixed custom resources URL not saved properly 

v3.0.2 - 2021/05/26

- Fixed Argentina resource

v3.0.1 - 2021/05/26

- Added ‘Refresh Download Charts’ option. 

- UAE chart filenames no longer contains the chart number. 

- France airport description chart (TEXT) is ignored. 

- Removed debugging messages in the log. 

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