Latest Update: 2022/06/30

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- SimConnect autopilot events (e.g. HEADING_BUG_SET) fixed

v0.10.4 - 2022/06/23

- Pilot model replaced with MS/Asobo pilot avatar

- ICAO type data updated (used for AI/multiplayer model matching)

- Heading/course bug select control assignments fixed (used by Honeycomb Bravo and other hardware)

- Tooltips added for ELT and alternate air controls

- Propeller material tweaked to avoid sunlight reflections

v0.10.3 - 2022/02/24

- Heading bug control assignments fixed

- Elevator trim speed reduced for finer control (speed reduced further if electric trim button is off)


- Autopilot roll control logic rewritten for greater reliability and accuracy

- HUD flap scale fixed

- Rudder trim animation improved

- Elevator trim animation improved

- NAV 1 ident not audible - fixed

- DATCON and HOBBs animations fixed

- GPS 100 heading value no longer affected by drift

- Autopilot LOC mode fixed

- Autopilot now supports on/off control assignments

- FDE improvements

- Pilot no longer visible in hanger view

- Minor sound tweaks

- ASI TAS scale position now included in state saving

- TDS GTNXi integration added

- Updated manual

v0.10.1 - 2021/11/19

- Elevator trim axis has limited range - fixed
- PMS GTN 650/750 not powering up (bundle only) - fixed

- COM/NAV radio volume and power logic improvements
- Further tweaks to cockpit instrument reflections
- Cockpit screen clickspot logic improvements
- Landing light effect repositioned for better match with model
- Pilot visible when cold & dark - fixed


- Exterior model parts (e.g. pilot) showing up in cockpit when a flight is ended - fixed
- EFB tab black edges - fixed
- Version number is now shown on the top bar of the EFB
- OAT is now shown on the top bar of the EFB (Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on selected MSFS unit of measure)
- Wheel touchdown effects added
- Arrow III, Turbo Arrow III and IV variants now have unique rather than shared state saving
- The alternate air lever can now be controlled using the SET ANTI ICE and TOGGLE ANTI ICE assignments
- Cabin heat control interactions fixed
- Beacon light no longer remains off when in cockpit view
- PUMP ON and PUMP OFF assignments can now be used to control the fuel pump switch
- Elevator trim axis direction reversed to match behaviour of default aircraft
- Panel lighting will now be set according to weather conditions as well as time of day as part of the aircraft states
- KN62 DME speed/time not shown after flight has been restarted - fixed
- Autopilot roll instability - fixed
- Autopilot roll knob can now be controlled using the AILERON TRIM LEFT/RIGHT assignment
- Radio lights can now be manually adjusted with SET NAV LIGHTS assigned
- Elevator trim wheel tooltip and mouse-wheel sensitivity - fixed
- Dome light knob tooltip - fixed
- Dome light will now fail if the overhead lights CB is pulled
- COM/NAV volume now included in state save
- Propeller texture/material tweaks
- Transponder ident added
- Exhaust heat haze direction fixed
- Yoke timer usability in VR fixed
- Sun visor reflections fixed
- GPS 100 headwind/tailwind logic fixed
- Exterior lighting effects improved
- Instrument reflections reduced
- Correct ASI and RPM scales added to HUD
- Missing co-pilot fixed
- Mixture lever can be moved to idle cut-off with the lock engaged but the engine doesn’t cut - fixed


- PMS-50 GTN 650 integration

- FDE Tweaks

- Autopilot control assignments fixed

- Landing gear lights dim more with panel lighting switched on

- EFB sounds on/off clickspots added

- Cockpit texture tweaks for improved appearance

- KN62 inner knob animation fixed

- Sim Update V control system compatibility fixes:

  • Cabin heating controls
  • Parking brake lever
  • Window latch
  • HSI and DI knobs
  • GPS 100 ON/OFF button


Note: Further changes will be made to improve compatibility with the new Sim Update V control system. In the meantime, we suggest using the Legacy cockpit interaction system (see FAQ for more info: Cockpit Interaction System

v0.8.0 - 2021/07/19

- Autopilot logic fixes (including bank hold, altitude hold accuracy)

- Landing gear lights now dim when the panel lighting is switched on

- AP nav 1/2 selector fixed

- Whiskey compass accuracy improved

- External equipment now visible in VR

- Minor sound fixes and EFB sounds added

- KN62 inner knob push/pull for 0.5 KHz selection added

- KMA20 COM 1 receive logic fixed

- Cabin heat now prevents windshield icing

v0.7.1 - 2021/06/16

- EGT typo in engines cfg - fixed

- GNS/GTN integration – fixed

- EGT typo in engines cfg (Arrow III) – fixed

v0.7.0 - 2021/06/15

- Improved cockpit lighting 

- EFB brightness controls and battery power logic added

- VR compatibility tweaked for easier use of GTN 750

- Audio ident/selector fixes

- Autopilot altitude hold logic tweaks

- Landing gear drag reduced

- KX170/KX175 COM and NAV frequencies can now be controlled using the 'Increase/Decrease COM/NAV (WHOLE/FRACT)' assignments

- Aileron inputs disabled whilst autopilot is engaged to prevent control issues

- RPM drop with prop lever movement fixed

- Dome light non-illuminated texture fixed, state of knob now saved

- Autopilot Nav source select can now be assigned to a control

- Fuel state is now saved

v0.6.0 - 2021/05/28

- Engine start exhaust and heat blur effects added

- Engine RPM fixed

- Improved exterior lighting

- Autopilot altitude hold 'jitter' fixed

- Altimeter flag is no longer visible when above 10,000ft

- Realism of oil pressure drop with movement of prop lever improved (more gradual)

- Chocks and tie-downs now prevent movement of aircraft on ground

- Chocks and tie-downs are now removed automatically if pushback is requested

- ADF frequency resetting to default value of 890 - fixed

- Custom logic added for smooth ADF needle movement (no longer jumps instantly between positions)

- HSI course pointer and heading bug animation now smoother

- 'Set Electric Fuel Pump 1' control assignment is now supported for Honeycomb hardware users

- NAV 2 OBS needle now returns to centre position when VOR signal is lot

- Nav/radio light knob logic improved for Honeycomb hardware users (automatic selection of radio lighting when flying at night and selecting nav lights on)

- GNS 430 pop-up sometimes not working - fixed

- Numerous flight dynamics fixes and improvements 

v0.5.2 - 2021/05/08

- NAV/GPS switch initialisation issue when cold & dark (causing repeated click sounds) - fixed

- Cockpit instrument lighting is now visible from exterior view

v0.5.1 - 2021/05/07

- VR compatibility issue fixed
- NAV/GPS switch can now be controlled using control assignment and GNS/GTN CDI buttons
- Default/clean cockpit lighting textures fixed (AI pitch scale/ASI TAS scale)
- EFB improvements - improved readability of maintenance warnings, improved usability of flight information page buttons

v0.5.0 - 2021/04/16

- Numerous flight dynamics fixes and improvements

- PMS50 GTN 750 will now be correctly restored on aircraft load, long press for HOME button now supported, GNS 430/530 now disabled when GTN 750 is selected to reduce chances of CTDs, other minor fixes

- Door decal not attached to door - fixed

- OBS 1 course card animation fixed

- ICAO code updated to P28R

- KN62 unit overlapping with GNS configuration selected - fixed

- NAV and GPS outputs to OBS 1/2, HSI and autopilot now require the associated radio/GPS to be powered on and a valid signal tuned

- NAV/GPS source switch added, replacing the hidden click spot

- Blanking panel added in place of the GPS 100 when the GTN 750 configuration is selected

- COM2/NAV2 volume inoperative with GTN 750 selected - fixed

- White tail navigation light fixed

- GPS 100 lat/lon fixed

- Clean windshield texture improvements

- GNS 430/530 bezel clipping display - fixed

v0.4.0 - 2021/04/15

- PMS50 GTN 750 integration added

- GNS dual configuration added (GNS 530 COM/NAV1, GNS 430 COM/NAV 2)

- KMA 20 logic changes

- Ground service support added (marshaller and fuel truck)

- ASI TAS scale fixed

- Yoke timer now takes simulation rate into account

- KN62 DME speed now takes bearing to/from DME into account

- Emergency landing gear logic fixes

- KR85 ADF will now automatically search for fractional frequencies (e.g. 383.5 with 383 selected)

- CDI now works with RNAV approaches

- Reference speeds corrected

- GNS 430/530 voltage requirements reduced

- Landing gear auto extension light now flashes when system is disabled (via lever)

- EFB will now power back on automatically if previously hidden using the ICOMM switch with the power on

- Propeller exercise check added to ground power checklist

- Magneto/ignition position and GNS 530/430 power states now saved/restored when state saving is enabled

- KN62 display no longer illuminated at night with power off

- Aircraft stuck at hold short during pre-flight animation when starting from the runway - fixed

- Sound fixes:

  • optimised brake/rudder pedal audio
  • ground roll volume
  • adjusted interior startup/shutdown volume
  • adjusted low RPM engine volume
  • improved surround effect of engine noise
  • improved wind noise
  • improved fuel pump loop
  • improved audibility of interior gear retraction/extension audio

- Sound additions:

  • background panel rattle on low engine RPMs
  • wind noise when door is closed but not latched
  • vacuum driven gyro noise
  • new samples for emergency gear lever, annunciator test button, EGT target knob and mixture lock

Please note: The development team are busy working on a variety of fixes and improvements to the flight dynamics. Those are undergoing extensive testing and will be released as soon as possible.

v0.3.0 - 2021/03/26

- Checklists added (manual and automatic/co-pilot modes supported)

- Direction Indicator (DI) bezel now illuminated by panel lighting

- Whiskey compass animation fixed

- Sun visor animation now visible from exterior

- GNS 530 display now remains visible after GPS unit toggle on EFB is used

- Landing gear auto-extension logic fixes

- Airspeed indicator (ASI) needle accuracy issue fixed

- Airspeed indicator (ASI) TAS scale fixed

- Yoke timer paused when yoke hidden - fixed

- ON/OFF control assignments now supported (e.g. lights, master/alternator)

- Autopilot OMNI/VOR hold disengaging after flying overhead VOR - fixed

- Autopilot mode engagement logic fixes

- HSI no longer drifts

- Aircraft type now included in ATC calls

- inHG baro scale added to standby altimeter

- Yoke visibility, emergency gear lever, co-pilot, chock, tie-down and towbar -selections, COM/NAV/ADF frequencies and fuel load are now included in state saving

- Chock, tie-down and towbar selections can now be made via LVars for use by cockpit builders, VR users etc

- KMA 20 audio selector logic fixes

- Paint kit horizontal stabiliser texture fixes

- Yoke pitch animations added to exterior model

- Further VR compatibility tweaks (including larger clickspots for small controls, fixed EFB power and GPS 100 buttons)

- COM/NAV volumes now set to 100% when ending flight in Arrow III to prevent issues with other aircraft

- Flap lever vibration when using control axis - fixed

- GNS 430/530 not powering up when avionics master control is assigned - fixed


(Please note that improvements to the flight dynamics are ongoing, within any limitations imposed by MSFS)

v0.2.0 - 2021/03/19

- Icing effects added

- Propeller animations fixed

- Improvements to exterior surface detail and decals added for higher texture resolution in previously lower resolution exterior and cockpit areas

- GNS 430/530 - Power functionality and backlighting added, 2D pop-outs fixed

- Fuel selector can now be controlled using 'FUEL SELECTOR 1 LEFT/OFF/RIGHT' assignments

- Tweaks to autopilot roll control

- Improvements to FDE - idle RPM fixed, vibration/wobble reduced

- VR compatibility fixes

- Support added for the following 'set' control assignments - Battery, alternator, beacon light, landing light, navigation lights, strobe lights, pitot heat

- Landing light illumination area increased

- Cockpit texture resolution no longer reduced with lower graphical settings selected

- Autopilot and navigation lights circuit breakers now affect associated systems

- Autopilot heading mode active without autopilot engaged - fixed

- Tutorial flight files added

- Engine priming and start tweaked for greater realism, manual updated to provide more information on engine priming before start up

- Wind direction reversed on EFB - fixed

- Navigation mode will now default to VLOC/NAV unless state saving is enabled and GPS mode was selected on previous flight

- CDI on NAV/OBS 1 now responds correctly to GPS course

- GPS 100 sometimes stuck in self-test mode - fixed

- Manual changes to transponder code sometimes not triggering response from ATC - fixed

- Transponder mode changes not being recognised by ATC - fixed

- Rudder trim direction reversed - fixed

- COM and NAV audio idents - fixed

- EFB and GPS 100 displays no longer refresh when not in use for improved performance (FPS). EFB automatically turns off when hidden.

- OAT indicator fixed

- ELT set to ON when selecting cold & dark state - fixed

- Environment (e.g. cloud, taxi markings) sometimes visible in footwell - fixed

- inHG barometric setting option added to altimeters

- Mixture 'decrease incrementally' assignment fixed

- Custom registration decals now remain visible at a greater distance (lower LOD)

- Gear mechanism animation fixes

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