Latest Update: 08/03/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Gunsight reticle corrected.

- Prop effects adjusted

- Mapping on flaps adjusted.

- Corrected the Easy-fly Aircraft.cfg.


- Revised dynamics to correct torque roll to right, requiring left rudder trim and left rudder correction to swing

- Revised trim adjuster and indicator to go with above.

- New prop animation routines to go with the above.

- Prop and spinner visible in chooser window at all times

- Flaps adjusted to give neutral trim at lower speeds, requiring less power/thrust adjustment

- Cartridge starter improved with improved re-load routine

- Checklist and manual updated to for the above changes

- A bonus livery for 245Squadron "Sharkmouth"

- Revised Paintkit

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