Latest Update: 15/01/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Animated the copilot's trim indicator.


- Fixed trimming issue


- Changed the fuel burn settings.
- Added missing texture for gauges and the gloves of the pilots.
- Added code required for the Phoenix extra addon.
- Corrected faulty animation in the adjustable attitude wings on the AHI.

- Added the Phoenix (extra addon).
- P3d V4.x - added the A2A rain windshield effect gauge.

The added Phoenix can be found here:


- See-through floor in cockpit (from outside) fixed.

- Cockpit glazing reflectivity and density improved for P3D. Additions and improvements

- Reflective shine models are now included for those who prefer their aluminium highly polished. These models can be selected from the chooser in the sim. In P3DV4+ models display "Dynamic" reflectivity.

- An Outside Air Temperature (OAT) gauge has been added to the cockpit, on the Main Panel.

- Fuel Burn/Flow has been adjusted to provide a more realistic economy rate.

- Installers are now zipped.

This Service Pack includes and supersedes all previous Hot-Fixes and Patches. Changes log and additional Version 1.1 information can be found in the documentation folder.

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