Latest Update: 11/09/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


Fixed a bug that caused the VC to vanish randomly while flying


- Right FWD Bypass door needle, now animated
- Fuel tank popup now allows switching of each fuel tank individually
- Adjustment of spoiler drag to increase landing roll
- Fixed installer to enable installation into more than one FS location
- Added M-21/D-21 mothership/drone combo
- Throttle housing re-modelled
- Adjustment of reflection mapping power from 50 to 1 for better adjustment of exterior metal textures
- Cabin pressurisation - schedule now reflects real life (26,000 feet)
- Cockpit Gauge glass map adjustments to include subtle reflection of the silver pressure suit
- Interior Canopy glass now has a very subtle reflection of the pilots helmet

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