Latest Update: 14/11/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


New Features:
- New portable oxygen system allows crew to avoid hypoxia at above 10,500' MSL. Turn on/off the oxygen by clicking on the oxygen bottle valve.
- Pilot headphones can be clicked to "wear" them. Reduces ambient sound levels with headphones on.

- Autopilot tracking more accurate
- The KAP 140 autopilot now uses the HDG bug on the directional gyro for tracking NAV signals (VOR radials and localizers).
IMPORTANT! Be sure to set the HDG bug to the desired front course after engaging NAV, APR or REV modes. If you do not select
the correct front course on the DG HDG bug, the autopilot will not track the NAV signal correctly. Be sure that the directional
gyro is synchronized with the magnetic compass!
- The KAP 140 autopilot now has a realistic PreFlight Test startup mode
- The KAP 140 autopilot screens is arranged more accurately per the real instrument. Active modes are displayed
on the top row of the screen, and Armed modes are displayed on the bottom row.
- If the user has "Remove flying surfaces when over speed or over G limits" option turned on, the flying surfaces will be removed
- Flaps geometry and elevator geometry changed to provide more control during take-off and landing
- Right elevator tab is now a servo tab. Left elevator tab operates as an "anti-servo" tab

Bug Fixes:
- Elevator trim tab animations reversed to be correct direction of movement
- Generator switch is now the top-most toggle switch on the fuse panel behind the copilot seat
- Rain drops on starboard side rear door window now flow in the correct direction
- Exhaust smoke now properly located
 - Fixed incorrect maximum and minimum propeller rotation speeds

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