Latest Update: 25/06/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Float version added

- Propellers textures fixed

- F-PITI and LBW liveries added

- Canopy blows off if you would open it on air


- Right flap fixed

- Some details added. Prop spinners, parking shoes, ambient occlusion shadow on parking

- Now pilot will hide on parking brakes and engine off

- Shadow from elevator trim lever now moves together with it

- Crash landing features (if you touch runway with too high vertical speed, engines would stop, props and glass would be crashed) Working in FSX only

- Night panel. Cri-Cri is not for night flying, but now you have flashlight in your baggage for emergency cases

- Btw about baggage, now you have small camp tent with you in case of all hotels on arrival airport are sold out :)

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