Latest Update: 10/09/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Updated .acf file to X-Plane 11.50 standards

- Fixed typo in aircraft description

- Adjusted speedbrakes extension animation

- Speedbrakes now require AC electrical power to operate

- Fixed gear extension/retraction buttons

- Removed anomalous nosewheel geometry

- Connected both halves of the rudder trim switch together

- Airbrake selector is now 3-position

- Removed extra white triangle on airspeed indicator

- Adjusted throttle "grab all" clickspot to be easier to grab

- Added bomb bay fuel panel magnetic indicators

- Made speed brake extension switch more compatible with commands


- Fixed transponder logic

- Added fire extinguisher logic to glareshield engine fire warning buttons

- Implemented ADF functionality

- Refined functionality of retractable landing lights for increased realism

- Revised annunciator light logic

- Added full 3D cockpit lighting, with functional swivel lights, individual faders and dynamic illumination for incredible night flying experiences

- Fixed alternator logic on AAPP panel

- VR support for the 2D pop-ups added

- Manual correction

- Fixed MFS selector issues

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