Two rear crew member positions are modelled in the rear cockpit and are required to be accessed in order to operate the aircraft correctly. We have included as many quality of life features here to make accessing these panels as seamless as possible: 

  • EFB: Camera buttons are located at the bottom of the EFB > Aircraft page. Left-clicking on one of these buttons will move the camera to the respective position. In the rear cockpit positions, the EFB will move with you and will be located to the side of the AEO or Navigator’s panels. Clicking the outside bezel of the EFB will bring the EFB into view, and allow you to change camera position again.  
  • Hidden Clickspots: Hidden click spots are provided on various screws in the forward and rear cockpit panels that allow you to move between these panel without the need for the EFB. Two hidden clickspots in the forward cockpit are located on screws on the upper main instrument panel. Two hidden clickspots are also included at the bottom of each of the AEO’s and Navigator’s panels. For the exact location of these click spots, please see the Just Flight Avro Vulcan B Mk.2, K.2 & MRR (MSFS) Operation Manual.
  • Control Assignments: The camera position can be moved between the four different positions by using the TOGGLE WING FOLD and TOGGLE WATER BALLAST VALVE control assignments.
  • Interactive Checklist: All switches in the cockpit can be highlighted by clicking on the eye icon on the right side of a checklist item in the MSFS Checklist menu. 

Note: The rear cockpit panels utilise the Showcase > Fixed Camera positions, and therefore, pressing the NEXT CAMERA VIEW control assignment when in this view will only take you to the Showcase > Free Camera position (drone camera). To avoid confusion, we would recommend returning to 1st Pilot or 2nd Pilot position in the forward cockpit before trying to access external views. The interactive checklists use a slightly different method to access the rear panel, and therefore, you will be able to access external views without returning to the forward cockpit.