Latest Update: 07/07/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Adds Physics Based Rendering model and textures for P3D v5 and above (PBR models are not compatible with P3D v4.4 or v4.5 due to the virtual cockpit light textures not being compatible)

- Adds additional key commands for aircraft controls

- Higher resolution virtual cockpit night lighting

- General bug fixes and improved error handling


- Now compatible with FSX, FSX: Steam Edition & P3D v1-v4

- VRS TacPack compatibility for the Attack model

- New custom sound system for more accurate engine sounds and more user control. The user can choose to blend exterior sounds with the interior sounds.

- Improved Animation Manager with new systems section

- Larger mouse click spot areas and improved click behaviour

- Middle mouse click on any control to open the Animation Manager to a page describing that control

- New camera system improves external inspection. It also allows the user to set a custom eye point and zoom position. The user can also choose to fly from the rear seat in the dual cockpit model.

- Improved engine auto start routine

- Improved and simpler handling of the throttle, mixture and prop controls inputs

- Added option to always load the aircraft in a cold and dark state

- Changed method of saving aircraft wear and tear data

- Added additional key commands to control carburettor air control

- Added option to set a joystick button as the fire button in Attack model

- Added pushback mode for moving the aircraft while on the ground with engine off

- More accurate fuel consumption rates

- Improved engine pressure and temperature modelling

- Fixed issue with FSX: Steam Edition where bloom effect was causing black squares in the Attack model.

- Fixed issue with MP display at high altitudes

- Improved shared cockpit compatibility

- Added 2D pop-up for rear radios in dual cockpit version

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