Latest Update: 2024/02/15

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Improved Taxi/Landing light code
- Added support for IndiaFoxtEcho Companion Package
- Added AoA and VV tape indicators on HUD
- Added SEPK indication on HUD
- Fixed multiple bugs in Flight Director symbology
- FCS RESET will now actually reset the MSFS fly-by-wire ("Carefree" caption will show)
- Automatic trim is now linked to the landing gear lever and landing gear position, and it is disabled if gear is down (as in the real plane)
- FCS will revert to DIRECT LINK mode if airspeed is below 75 knots

v1.0.6 - 2023/12/19

- Added weapons models: AIM-9 and GBU-12 (non-Marketplace copies only)
- Fixed multiple modeling mistakes in canopy and added missing details
- Vastly increased canopy polycount
- Canopy retextured and fully remapped
- Fixed minor mistake in rear cockpit glareshield
- Fixed modeling and AO mistake in ejection seats, and improved textures
- Fixed Oxygen flag not working properly in rear cockpit
- Fixed pedal animation travel at high speeds
- Improved canopy scratches and reflections
- Added NWS functionality
- Fixed graphics on HUD bank scale
- Minor tweaks to HUD/VV alignment
- Fixed incorrect decal on 243 Emergency panel
- Minor fixes to M-346FA Camo livery
- Minor improvement to pylon launchers materials
- Engine control logic will not try auto-relight if there is no fuel

v1.0.5 - 2023/05/28

- Added special color for 100th Anniversary of Italian Air Force
- Fixed bug preventing ladders, wheelchocks and remove-before-flight ribbons to appear.
- Redone thumbnails for uniformity
- Added RSV patches to pilots
- Redone canopy animation to use native variables
- Added rear cockpit opening control
- Improved glass material rendering of digital displays
- Fixed bug in EMER / DEGR warning light visibility in rear cockpit
- Minor improvements on canopy sealing model
- Replaced code with default template on following components:
Landing gear
Parking Brake
Rudder Trim
Flaps Lever

v1.0.3 - 2023/01/21 


- Reduced fly-by-wire autotrim reaction time

- Improvements to canopy geometry and polycount

- Fixed minor incorrect AO rendering in pilot left console

- Minor cleanup of external model polygons

- Fixed bug in automatic Pitot Heat activation

- Fixed bug causing HMD brightness to reset the LENG knob to IDLE/START

- Reworked left throttle mouse area for easier access to left panel switches

- Added HOTAS mouse areas for future implementation / modding

- Added "Airbrake" mouse area functionality

- FCS RESET button now resets all trim axes and FCC switch

- Fixed bug preventing PARS "RETARD" caption from showing correctly

- Fixed bug preventing PARS disconnection if stick in manually moved beyond 75% travel

- Added "100,000 hours" Italian Air Force special color

- Improved modeling of ATU module

v1.0.2 - 2022/12/08

- Fixed bug causing incorrect ejection seat safety interlocks
- If co-pilot is not present, plane ejection sequencer is now aumatically set to "solo"
- M-346 and M-346FA models are now separated, like IRL wingtip rails cannot be mounted on M-346.
- Added M-346FA primer livery
- Draft implementation of Autopilot control on MFD-ADI mode
- Added COM/NAV/TACAN/IFF input on MFD-CNI mode
- Added COM/VOR/ILS/TACAN selection from list on MFD-CNI mode
- Reworked automatic de-icing
- Added missing collision mesh for VR
- Fixed bug preventing COM1/COM2 audio selection
- Fixed minor graphics glitches in MFD-CHECKLIST page
- Removed special characters in MFD-CHECKLIST page (hopefully this solves rendering issues on Xbox)
- Fixed minor bug preventing TACAN mode update in some cases
- Fixed minor bug preventing correct TACAN channel to show if Y mode is selected
- Fixed minor bug causing COMM1 and COMM2 switches to be set to OFF in certain conditions
- Fixed minor bug causing CNI page not to report IFF status correctly
- Increased polycount of in-flight refuel probe
- Added basic Head Mounted Display
- Reverted to "fly-by-wire from flaps = 1" FCS option for better landing behaviour
- Reworked drag coefficients for the transonic region

v1.0.1 - 2022/10/10

- Fixed bug in Pointer 1 orientation in VOR mode
- Fixed incorrect fuel tank configuration
- Added VR stick configuration and collision mesh
- Removed T-100 livery
- Fixed bug preventing assistance customization from working
- Tweaks to landing lights, cockpit and strobe effects (courtesy of user kdfw)
- Added missing pedestal lights
- Redone AI sound package
- Added Prandtl Glauert singularity effects
- Flight model changes: improved lateral stability, reduced flaps lift coefficients, tweaks to drag
- Improvements to tires behavior
- Added automatic de-icing system
- Added Mach cone and sonic boom sound effects
- Fixed minor bug preventing VS adjustments in SC mode

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