Latest Update: 2022/03/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Restored Norwegian livery

- Temporarily removed polygons for video rendering (as they are causing issues with third party mods)

- Added HMD CAGE / UNCAGE functionality (in HUD page)

- Added option to turn off GCAS (and all ground proximity warnings)

- Solved minor bug in HUD/HMD XML script

- Reorganization of 3d model files

- Fixed bug preventing PULL UP cues to show on PCD in certain configurations

- Unified GCAS warnings

v1.0.3 - 22/03/15
 - Added missing functionality to the "new" HMD:

   a) "dial" graphics for altitude and airspeed when gear is down
   b) general rework of HMD graphics
   c) improved STOVL symbology
   d) improved compass symbology
   e) improved navigation symbology
   f) added autopilot captions
   g) added clock
   h) added Master Arm and RAD status
   i) added radio altimeter
   j) added hours indication on Time To Steer on the HMD
   k) added ground speed indication

 - Fixed Time To Steer calculation bug
 - Added basic support (Bearing and range) for pure TACAN stations
 - Removed legacy tail hook and launch assistance entries
 - Fixed missing polygons on the tip of the radar radome (external model only)
 - Fixed animation issue of downwash effects in F-35B cockpit
 - Fixed minor animation issue of F-35B Lift-Fan door in VC
 - Fixed minor smoothing issue of F-35B Lift-Fan door in VC
 - Fixed minor texturing and shadowing issue on F-35 wing roots area
 - Fixed Incorrect colour coding of TACAN radio source in EFIS page
 - Fixed minor animation issue of F-35B tailerons
 - Added Koninklijke Luchtmacht F-001 special colour
 - Corrected position of PCD in all cockpit models, and redone AO accordingly
- Fixed minor glitch on FCS page braking captions 

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