Latest Update: 2023/09/10

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Updated radar reflectors
- Fixed configuration bug preventing localized descriptions to show in some cases
- Added afterburner projected light effect
- Improved afterburner effect
- Improvements to HMD symbology
- Minor tweaks to HUD page symbology
- Fixed bug causing Portal 3 and 4 to swap if portal 4 was maximized to full screen
- Fixed glitch preventing some radar tracks to show correctly on TSD screen
- Minor optimization of PCD code
- Fixed minor glitch in PCD commands
- Redone canopy mapping and textures on all models
- Fixed minor glitches in pilot figure geometry and smoothing.and increased polycount
- Fixed bug preventing "BACK" option to work as intended
- Fixed minor bug preventing audible feedback to work on some PCD commands
- AIM-120 can now be loaded also on STA4 and 8 (non-Marketplace versions only)
- Added internal-only air-to-air configuration and multiple model-specific configurations (non-Marketplace versions only)
- Reworked ejection seat geometry and textures
- Reworked STOVL dyanamics when wheel touch the ground in hover mode
 - Improved cockpit shadows accuracy and resolution

- Modified steering dynamics

- Refactored Radar WASM module (with better track management and aging options)
- Added third tag to full screen portal visualization
- Improvements to canopy geometry

- Fixed minor geometry error on fuselage
- Added GBU-39 for STA4 and STA8 (non-Marketplace versions only)

- Fixed audio glitch in RAF livery
- Fixed minor modeling errors in canopy actuators geometry

- Minor tweaks to arrestor gear dynamics
- Launch bar now reacts to default keystroke
- Fixed minor canopy glass misalignment in external views
- Fixed minor geometry issues
- Fixd minor UVW mapping glitch nearby auxiliary air intake and taileron edge
- Added AGM-154 JSOW option for STA4 and STA8 (non-Marketplace versions only)

v1.2.4 - 2023/05/23

- Fixed minor bug in radar reflectors menu

- Fixed minor mistake in engine materials assignment
- Fixed minor mistake in main surfaces composite texture
- Fixed minor mapping mistake in fuselage texture (visible only in CF-01 livery)

v1.2.3 - 2023/05/22

- Fixed minor bug preventing functionality of some AP buttons if LITES menu is also selected
- Fixed minor glitch in AOA Bracket animation
- Changed engine sound fall-off profile
- Reorganized sound files
- Fixed minor bug causing incorrect IPP lights behaviour in rare occurrences
- Replaced behavior templates of throttle lever, landing light switch, parking brake, rudder trim
- Revised animation of rudder pedals
- Added afterburner detent
- Added bespoke engine covers to several liveries
- Major refactoring of pilot model (new oxygen hose, additional details, new animation, new harness)
- Added pilot shoulder patch (bespoke for various countries and squadrons)
- Added "headless" option to pilot body visualization (visibility cotrol now cycles between no pilot, headless pilot and full model)
- Added native canopy variable (for smoother anuimation and multiplayer sync)
- Added "refuel and repair" option to PCD MENU screen
- Added "radar reflectors" mount/unmount option to PCD MENU screem
- Added live ordnance textures (with multiple variants and warheads) to several liveries
- Updated manual

- Fixed minor mistakes in 18-5343 livery
- Changed tail font in 08-0747 livery
- Added Wisconsin ANG livery
- Added AF-01 prototype livery

- Fixed minor UVW mapping misalignments
- Fixed minor polygon smoothing issues
- Fixed minor modeling glitches
- Added VMFA-213 "Black Sheep" liveries (hi-viz and lo-viz)
- Added BF-01 protoptye livery

- Fixed mapping mistake on left taileron upper surfaces
- Fixed minor mistake in engine nozzle geometry
- Fixed minor mistake in remove-before-flight ribbons geometry
- Fixed minor mistake in air intake geometry
- Fixed minor mistakes in Top Gun, VFA-147 and VFA-97 liveries
- Fixed incorrect stencils on VMFA-314 livery
- Added CF-01 prototype livery
- Added VFMA-311 livery
- Added VFMA-314 VW300 livery
- Added VFA-101 NJ101 livery

v1.2.2 - 2023/04/04

 - Fixed minor graphical glitch in FCS page
 - ASR zoom can now be adjusted
 - DAS switched to front view, turns to downward view in hover mode.
 - TFLIR now has NAV and AS modes (AS modes is horizon stabilized)
 - DAS and TFLIR views can be adjusted in pitch
 - Fixed minor bug on TSD target designation
 - Improved engine geometry on all models
 - Added ground crew access panels to all models
 - Solved minor glitch when selecting INOP pages
 - FCS RESET BUTTON now switches from AUTO to MAN mode, also added button animation
 - NAV SOURCE can be changed also on ASR, DAS and TFLIR pages
 - Fixed minor bug preventing correct AoA visualization on HMD
 - Minor revision to -B and -C markings
 - Fixed minor bug causing slightly different engine readings in FAB and PCD ENG page
 - Refined APU exhaust geometry on all models
 - Fixed minor bug causing aural alert to play even without electrical power in some instances

 - Added USAF 17-5281 livery with Demo Team covers
 - Added USAF 13-5081 livery
 - Added JASDF 69-8701 livery
 - Added IAF 911 livery
 - Added IAF 909 livery
 - Fixed minor mistake in Aggressor livery

 - Fixed minor regressions in 3D model (incorrect UVW) and redone minor details
 - Changed taileron behavior during STOVL operation to better match the real aircraft

 - Tweaks to arrested landing and recovery dynamics to improve compatibility with third party carriers

v1.2.1 - 2023/03/06

 - Fixed minor AO mistake in cockpit textures for -A and -C models
 - Fixed minor formatting issue in HMD altitude digits
 - Solved bug in anti-ice system causing incorrect behaviour in AUTO and ON modes
 - Solved bug causing incorrect PCD start conditions
 - Replaced anti-collision effects with a much brighter one
 - Reworked MENU->LITES interface so that console, indicator, formation and strobe lights can be dimmed.
 - Reworked landing lights rendering
 - Solved minor bug in TACAN bearing pointer indication on EFI page
 - Solved minor issues in HUD altitude text formatting for smaller digits.
 - Solved bug preventi FAB bar to display GCAS status correctly
 - Draft implementation of GCAS system (OFF/Manual/AUTO) - when set to AUTO the plane will try and avoid ground collision
 - Safety pins can now be reinstalled (by clicking on the left console blank panel)
 - Draft implementation of In-flight refuel. While in-flight:
 a) open refuel receptacle door/extend probe
 b) click on the fuel quantity summary
 c) keep the plane within 50ft and 10 kts from the initial condition
 Note: refuel rate is dependent on refuel system 
 (about 5800lbs/min for A, 2500 lbs/min for B and C)
 - Updated FUEL page layout
 - Added DUMP Cutoff functionality
 - ENGINE switch now linked to "mixture" control, can switch off the aircraft if set to OFF and throttle is retarded
 - Minor tweaks to CHECKLIST page
 - Minor tweaks to in-game checklists 
 - MFD now defaults to "Blank" configuration if powered off
 - Optimization of VR collision mesh
 - Improved GCAS symbology

 - Solved minor visual interference with landing gear structure and cockpit

 - Change Lift Fan door animation, angles and speed to better match the real one
 - Fixed minor visual glitch in refuel probe geometry

 - Fixed minor visual glitch in refuel probe geometry

 - Basic implementation of VSD functionality
 - Fixed several bugs in TSD rendering
 - Increased number of radar tracks to 42
 - Added TSD target tracking capability (clicking on the center of the TSD screen will update the target)

v.1.2.0 - 2023/02/02

- Fixed minor AO issue on ejection seat models
- Removed unnecessary duplicate geometry (Zeroize knob) from all cockpit models
- Clean-up of AITraffic settings
- Clean-up of unnecessary code
- General update of the product manual

- Changed clock code to display 00:00:00 instead of 24:00:00
- Minor optimizations to clock code
- Increased autotrim reaction speed
- Reworked flap system
- TRIM RESET now resets trim on all axis, and toggles FCC if it is switched off
- FLAP LEVER now disables FCC and AUTOTRIM
- If FCC is running (and autotrim is active) the "AUTO" caption appears alongside the trim value
- FCS DEGRADED warning appear if airspeed is above 400 knots and user has disabled FCC
- Defog handle now controls canopy de-icing
- Rewritten Anti-Ice system (now implements Anti-Ice On-Auto-Off modes)
- Added Air Data System Heat (ADS HT) control to ENG page and implemented system simulation
- Tweaks to ENG page
- PHM and ICAWS now report FCS DEGRADED if FCC is switched off
- Fixed bug preventing Oxygen Test and BOS switches to be highlighter by the mouse
- Fixed minor text misalignment in FUEL page
- Clean-up of unnecessary code
- Fixed incorrect altitude variable in PCD HUD pages (page was reporting real altitude as opposed to indicated altitude)
- Fixed bug preventing wind direction from showing on PCD control bar
- Fixed bug preventing input of ALOW altitude in certain conditions
- Changed canopy control code so that it is now impossible to open the canopy if airspeed is above 50 kts
- Rewritten code for automatic Speedbrake retraction during touch'n'go (Speedbrake will retract if throttle is above 70% travel)
- Solved minor glitch on HUD page
- Added MACH HOLD AT functionality, Mach input capped at 1.60
- Added Backcourse option for AP (does not work too well)
- Fixed minor glitch in AP control interface if on right PCD side
- Autopilot has now default setting of 15000 ft, autothrottle has now a default setting to 400 kts
- Fixed minor bug preventing correct rendering of DAS imagery in some cases
- Added MAP mode to TSD screens
- Added VSD option to TSD screens (INOP, for future implementation)
- Improved interface and rendering of all imagery services
- Tweaked nose wheel steer settings

- Changed base colour to multiple liveries for a better match with late Block3 and Block 4 colours
- Fixed reversed characters on landing gear door and other minor details in USAF livery 08-0747
- Fixed reversed characters on landing gear door and other minor details in Australian livery A35-040
- Clean up of F-35I prototype livery
- Updated Italian Air Force 6-01 livery
- Added Italian Air Force 32-13 livery (courtesy of Christoph Tantow)
- Added Royal Australian Air Force A35-001 livery 2nd OCU

- Changed base colour to multiple liveries for a better match with late Block3 and Block 4 colours
- Fixed minor modelling and texturing misalignment in Lift-Fan door area
- Fixed minor modelling misalignment in roll post door location
- Fixed minor modelling errors in weapon bay harnessing's
- Added U.S.M.C VMFA-242 "Bats" DT-01 livery
- Added U.S.M.C VMFA-242 "Bats" DT-02 livery
- Added Italian Air Force 32-14 livery
- Fixed incorrect AI configuration entry

- Changed nose cone colour of VFA-147 and Top-Gun liveries and fixed minor other details
- Miscellaneous improvements to VFA-97 livery

- Fixed minor geometry issue in F-35A (IR sensor leftover from PC build)
- Fixed missing wheelchocks, ribbons and covers from F-35B
 - Reduced video memory footprint for better stability

v1.1.8 - 2022/12/13

- Fixed minor glitch in F-35B model geometry
 - Minor adjustments to supersonic drag coefficients
 - Adjusted waterline position
 - Fixed minor mistakes in flight_model.cfg entries
 - Minor optimization of FCS code
 - Redone and optimized animation code of rudders, slats, tailerons and flaperons for higher frame rates and better multiplayer propagation
 - Improved tires dynamics
 - Tweaks to afterburner effect graphics 
 - Changed afterburner settings for a more gradual power curve
 - Minor adjustment to engine covers (B only)
 - Moved localization files to specific folders in preparation of SU11
 - Removed unnecessary legacy variables
 - Fixed bug preventing correct TACAN channel from displaying when in Y mode
 - Fixed bug preventing user from changing TACAN mode unless new TACAN code was entered
 - Fixed bug preventing correct tuning of TACAN channels 01X to 16Y
 - Fixed bug preventing correct TACAN location to show on TSD in some instances
 - Fixed bug preventing correct TACAN channel to show on HMD in some instances
 - Added F-35C VFA-97 Warhawks Repaint
 - Added F-35A 77Sqn Repaint (courtesy of Christoph Tantow)
 - Added F-35B VMFAT-502 Repaint (courtesy of Christoph Tantow)
 - Solved minor bug preventing user from selecting HUD on Portal in rare cases
 - Corrected approach speed on PCD checklist
 - Fly-by-wire control low changed to fly_by_wire_from_flaps =1
 - Fixed minor bug in FCS page values
 - Fixed bug causing trim control to be reversed if an analogue controller was used
 - Tweaked wheelchocks geometry
 - AI sound aliased from stock F/A-18E on request of the users

v1.1.7 - 2022/09/13

- Fixed duplicate geometry issue causing flickering of the PCD in the C variant
- Minor optimization to XML code (unnecessary code removed)
- Improved accuracy of distance measurement for TACAN stations
 - Improved identification of TACAN stations 

v1.1.6 - 2022/09/13

- Fixed minor geometry issue on F-35A model
- Fixed bug preventing fly-by-wire from working if flight is started cold and dark
- Minor tweaks to FLT files
- FCS RESET button now resets trims and controls surfaces

v1.1.4 - 2022/08/15

- Fixed incorrect fuel quantity on F-35C
- Fixed incorrect range for F-35C in UI
- Redone all thumbnails as wheelchocks were not compliant with Microsoft thumbnail policy
- Change parking entry from “ANY” to “MIL_COMBAT”
- Fixed conflict between “fuel and payload” menu and SMS page
- Fixed incorrect illumination of covers and streamers

v1.1.2 - 2022/08/10

- Fixed engine performance at high altitude for F-35A
- Minor tweaks to supersonic drag to the F-35A
- Fixed spelling error for Danish Air Force
- Removed HOVER / V/S HOLD SUBMODE (useless in MSFS and causing multiple problems with FBW)
- Minor tweak to HOVER logic to prevent non-zero target speed upon HOVER engagement
- Minor tweak to HOVER logic to prevent forward motion when performing vertical take-off
- Modifications to autopilot code
- Redone all thumbnails and added "thumnail_small.jpg" where missing
- Added 58th FS livery courtesy of Christoph Tantow
- Added VMFA-225 livery courtesy of Christoph Tantow
- Aircraft configuration can now be changed from the SMS page

v1.1.1 - 2022/08/02

- Fixed bug preventing TACAN bearing to show in some instances
- (PC only) Added "remove before flight" streamers and covers
- Modified autopilot logic for less erratic behaviour with the new flight model
- Added Vermont ANG livery courtesy of Christoph Tantow
- (SU10 and above) HMD "Off-Boresight" symbology now must be selected by the user in the MENU

v1.1.0 - 2022/07/26

- Fixed animation of F-35B Lift Fan
- Fixed animation of F-35B In-flight refuel probe
- Added missing USAF roundels to 495th FS livery
- Added missing USAF roundels to 356th FS livery
- Changed custom fonts from OTF to TTF due to NanoVG incompatibility in SU10 preview
- Draft implementation of full fly-by-wire/FCS flight model
- Draft implementation of off-boresight HMD symbology (requires SU10)
- Changes to arrestor hook logic for better compatibility with moving carriers
 - Draft implementation of TCAS / Air-to-air awareness (via WASM module):tracks are reported on TSD screens (PC only)
- Fixed animation glitch on F-35B nozzle
- Fixed bug causing incorrect toggling of autopilot modes on F-35 at approximately 20000 feet
- Improvement to afterburner self-illuminating textures
- Added VR stick entries (untested)

v1.0.9 - 2022/07/04


Starting from this release, the key binding for HOOK/STOVL is changed to the TOGGLE TAIL HOOK LEVER command.
Also, in order to use the catapult launch functionality, in addition to extending the launch bar and setting the throttle to full military, you now have to apply brakes.

- solved minor bug causing incorrect button description in some MENU areas
- changed Autopilot Hold code so that multiple slots are ignored, so that the altitude hold should be more reliable now
- added autotrim function: autotrim is active when AP is not engaged and gear is up. Can be toggled with the TRIM button on the stick.
- added "dragon" aggressor livery, courtesy of Christoph Tantow
- slight increase to turn capability (all models)
- draft implementation of autopilot Approach mode
- it is now possible to input the AP vertical speed (although there seems to be a 3000 ft/min hardcoded limit)
- summary of AP status is reported on FAB (similarly to real aircraft)
- replaced APP HOLD with VS HOLD
- fixed range and ceiling values in aircraft selection UI
- changed "catapult launch" logic: it is now necessary to hold the brakes (along with extending the launch bar and increasing RPM) - releasing the brakes will start the launch.
- changed "catapult launch" and "arrestor wire" logic, so this is now limited to altitude compatible with carrier decks
- restricted STOVL altitude for realism
- restored HMD default setting to "UNCAGED" following user feedback
- fixed bug preventing canopy effects to show on F-35A canopy
- fixed bug causing excessive icing effect on F-35C canopy
- change HOOK/STOVL proxy command to TOGGLE TAIL HOOK HANDLE
 - fixed minor glitch in full-page FCS mode

v1.0.8 - 2022/06/07 

- Fixed Israeli 924 livery
- Fixed AI configuration issue preventing correct functionality of autopilot
- Remove heat blur effect from lift fan
- Engine sound volume furtherly increased
- Added steering arrow and deviation Scale to HUD (toggled by EFI CDI command)
- Fixed minor bug in PCD-HSI mode
- Changed 3BSM roll animation (now linked to yaw control, more accurately)
- Fixed minor polygon smoothing glitch in F-35A fuselage

v1.0.7 - 2022/06/03
- solved minor texturing glitch on F-35A cockpit
- solved minor texturing glitch on F-35C cockpit
- slight change to default sensor configuration
 - sensor imagery now does not work on battery only (like IRL)

 - Fixed bug in PULL UP PCD cues
 - Fixed minor mistake in PCD 3D model
 - General graphics optimization for lower memory consumption
 - Removed duplicated texture files
 - Removed unnecessary files
 - Removed outdated HUD/HMD code
 - Replaced landing light with better LED light effect
 - Increased luminosity of afterburner exhaust
 - Solved minor bug while toggling full screen mode on Portal 2
 - Draft implementation of DAS (downward camera only)
 - Draft implementation of FLIR (via synthetic vision)
 - Draft implementation of ASR terrain mapping function
 - Added automatic retraction of speed brake at high AoA and changed RPM limit to 90% for automatic retraction
 - Disabled usage of the F-35 model as AI traffic
 - Fixed minor geometry error in control stick model
 - Fixed minor mistake in PCD checklist
 - Fixed bug that allowed launch bar, tailhook and wing fold operation with aircraft not powered
 - Electrical power is now required for canopy movement, IFR probe extraction and weapon door operation
 - Fixed bug preventing correct PCD operation if in SWAP mode and IFF pop-up was selected
 - Fixed several typos in cockpit labels
 - Added departure and destination waypoints in TSD screen
 - Fixed bug preventing NAV SOURCE selection on Portal 3
 - Added NAV SOURCE selection functionality also to TSD screens
 - Fixed bug preventing Transponder State to be correctly displayed in identification menu
 - Transponder state can now be manually set in the identification menu
 - Fixed bug preventing CDI needle to move correctly in EFIS page
 - Fixed incorrect movement scale of CDI needle
 - Fixed bug causing limited rudder pedal animation in some cases
 - Added special effects from SU9 (wing vapor, low altitude, etc.)
 - Added speed-brake deployment indication on HUD
 - Fixed modelling bug preventing tail formation lights geometry to show
 - Added 06-01 Italian Air Force livery
 - Added F-35I Test Bed Israeli Air Force Livery
 - Fixed minor mistakes in F-35C liveries
 - More realistic drag versus Mach profile in the transonic region
 - Tweaks to handling characteristics to limit max G forces and improve low speed handling and turn capability
 - Tweaks to autoflap schedule for better manoeuvrability in certain circumstances
 - Full integration between external model and cockpit model (better cockpit detail in external views, and lower video memory footprint)
 - Fixed minor glitch in FCS wing status symbology for C variant
 - Changed surface deflection symbology on FCS page (now closer to reality)
 - Minor geometry and texture fixes to F-35B model
 - Minor smoothing glitch fixed in A and B models
 - Improved canopy glass material
 - Fixed helmet visor animation bug
 - Improved pilot textures
 - Fixed animation glitch in steering mechanism (C-version)
 - Integrated "Better Camera Mod" by Archer374
 - Added camera-dependant visibility conditions to HMD to eliminate overlap with PCD
 - Revised instrument overlay for external views
 - HMD now defaults to "CAGED" mode
 - Added arms and legs animations to pilot figure
 - Pilot figure can now be toggled in cockpit by clicking the venting port
 - Solved minor bug when toggling full screen mode
 - Major optimization of cockpit collision mesh
 - Fixed minor AO glitch in crew access ladder (C model)
 - Added L: variables list to the manual, for reference of third party modders
 - Fixed minor glitch in page tags if SRCH mode was selected
 - Fixed minor bug causing incorrect graphics of POP-UP FUEL page in some instances.
- Draft implementation of V/S BIT

v1.0.4 - 2022/03/21

- Restored Norwegian livery

- Temporarily removed polygons for video rendering (as they are causing issues with third party mods)

- Added HMD CAGE / UNCAGE functionality (in HUD page)

- Added option to turn off GCAS (and all ground proximity warnings)

- Solved minor bug in HUD/HMD XML script

- Reorganization of 3d model files

- Fixed bug preventing PULL UP cues to show on PCD in certain configurations

- Unified GCAS warnings

v1.0.3 - 2022/03/15
- Added missing functionality to the "new" HMD:

   a) "dial" graphics for altitude and airspeed when gear is down
   b) general rework of HMD graphics
   c) improved STOVL symbology
   d) improved compass symbology
   e) improved navigation symbology
   f) added autopilot captions
   g) added clock
   h) added Master Arm and RAD status
   i) added radio altimeter
   j) added hours indication on Time To Steer on the HMD
   k) added ground speed indication
 - Fixed Time To Steer calculation bug
 - Added basic support (Bearing and range) for pure TACAN stations
 - Removed legacy tail hook and launch assistance entries
 - Fixed missing polygons on the tip of the radar radome (external model only)
 - Fixed animation issue of downwash effects in F-35B cockpit
 - Fixed minor animation issue of F-35B Lift-Fan door in VC
 - Fixed minor smoothing issue of F-35B Lift-Fan door in VC
 - Fixed minor texturing and shadowing issue on F-35 wing roots area
 - Fixed Incorrect colour coding of TACAN radio source in EFIS page
 - Fixed minor animation issue of F-35B tailerons
 - Added Koninklijke Luchtmacht F-001 special colour
 - Corrected position of PCD in all cockpit models, and redone AO accordingly
- Fixed minor glitch on FCS page braking captions 

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