Latest Update: 2024/05/01

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed missing reflection from VF-1 and Top Gun helmet visors
- Fixed minor graphic glitch in F-14B engine area
- Improved afterburner effects
- Solved bug causing incorrect ejection sequence after you have selected "Stay with me Jester!" option

- Added "Realism options" sub-menu to enable/disable individually engine stalls, flat spins, inverted flight limitations and speedbrake blowback
- Realism options are now permanent variables
- Menu position is now a permanet variable
- Added option to toggle additional key bindings (which are now OFF by default)

USS Forrestal class
- Fixed missing shuttle from Catapult no.1 on all models


v1.1.3 - 2024/04/16

- Added missing reflections to several helmet textures
- RIO Helmet texture is now separate from pilot texture
- Reorganized helmet textures and added some missing custom ones
- Fixed missing alpha channel on nav light textures

- Solved minor bug causing some messages not to play when aircraft is on the ground

- Optimization of engine smoke effect
- Clean up of unused textures
- Redone thumnbails

- Minor fix to F14A NK200 1975 livery (missing F-14A stencil on right nacelle)
- Minor fix to F14A AE200 1991 livery (missing roundel from upper wing surface)
- Minor fix to F14A AB201 1982 livery (incorrect number on right tail and incorrect F-14A stencil on left engine nacelle)
- Minor fix to F14A NL200 1989 livery (incorect F-14A stencil on engine nacelles)
- Minor fix to F14B NG201 1993 livery (missing roundel from left fuselage)
- Minor fix to F14B AA201 2004 livery (incorrect AA stencil on inner side of left tail)
- Minor fix to F14B AA206 1995 livery (missing VF-103 art and slightly rotated AA stencil on left tail)
- Added Top Gun movie livery

- Removed duplicated geometry
- Fixed missing textures on island detail geometry
- Added CV-60 Saratoga dynamic model and used it to replace the dynamic CV-59 nearby Oceana with it.

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