The aircraft loads cold & dark but the engines are running

If this occurs, please click on the AUTO icon twice. This will configure the aircraft in a fully cold & dark state with the engines off. The AUTO icon will turn red to indicate that the aircraft has been configured in a cold & dark state:


The instruments are not working when I load the aircraft

The cockpit needs to be configured either by following the checklists, tutorial flight or alternatively by using the AUTO icon.


Why do I get an MWS caution when I set take-off power?

If you move the thrust levers to the fully forward position, N1 will exceed 100% and you will get an engine overspeed caution. Reduce power to a maximum of 100% N1 or click on the MWS caution light to cancel the chimes.


How do I open the doors and extend the air stairs?

You can open the passenger and cargo doors, and extend the air stairs, using the GPU pop-up panel. Please refer to the ‘Doors & Ground Power Unit’ section of the manual for detailed instructions.


How do I get the weather radar to work?

The aircraft does not feature its own weather radar, but the Reality XP, Captain Sim or HiFi Simulations units can be fully integrated into the virtual cockpit. Please refer to the separate weather radar PDF manual for detailed instructions on how to set up your chosen weather radar.


How do I switch on TCAS?

To switch on TCAS, click on the switch found on the top right corner of the vertical speed indicator gauge.


How do I operate the fuel valves on the throttle levers?

Move the throttle lever to the idle position and then right-click on the base of the lever to open or close the fuel valve.


How do I engage the autopilot?

To engage the autopilot, the autopilot master switch on the overhead panel needs to be switched on. You then need to press the AP button found on the pedestal to engage the autopilot. Please refer to the ‘Autopilot’ section of the manual for more instructions on configuring the autopilot.


How do I use the multi-position rocker switches?

The multi-position rocker switches, for example the BRK FANS switch, have three positions denoted by three black spots. Left click on the upper, middle or lower portion of the switch to select one of the positions.


How do I access the virtual cabin?

You can access the virtual cabin either by using the FSX viewpoint movement keys, a third party tool such as Walk & Follow or by selecting one of the cabin viewpoint presets found under the ‘Virtual Cockpit’ view category.

This product includes a very comprehensive manual and tutorial, please make use of these before contacting the support team as it is likely that your query will be covered.