Two comprehensive sound sets are included with the Vulcan covering the types two most commonly used engine, the Olympus 200 Series and the Olympus 301. The engine types can be selected in the Aircraft Selection menu prior to flight. The Olympus 200 Series engines had the lower thrust output of the two engines at 17,000lbf per engine, however, they do make the iconic howl that so many aviation enthusiasts are accustomed to. 

As in the real aircraft, the howl is loudest between 95% and 97% RPM and decreases in volume significantly when reaching 100% RPM. Distance from the aircraft is also a major factor in the volume of the howl, as the closer to the aircraft you are, the more raw intake noise will be heard of all the air being sucked into the intake. At distances further away from the aircraft, the howl is very dominant and will sound more familiar to the sound that used to be heard from the Vulcan displays at airshows. 

The Olympus 301 engines were the more powerful engines with a thrust output of 20,000lbf per engine, however, due to a slightly different engine intake shape they did not product a howl.